Is it a sin to play games on game sites?

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It is possible to consider game sites in three categories:

1. There are game sites on the Internet that deal with things that are strictly forbidden by Islam, such as gambling, prostitution, alcohol, terrorism, interest, and swearing and aim to earn and earn money with methods suitable for these purposes.

Some of those who set up such sites directly declare their intentions without hiding them. Others claim that it offers a legitimate field of activity, but when its content and contract are examined, it is seen that it does not provide a legitimate service.

In that case, making transactions through such sites, making money and preparing the ground for such sites is not permissible.

2. Some games may be of the type of unnecessary things that waste effort, kill time, are useless and are even psychologically disturbing.

Engaging in such games is at least makruh (abominable). In addition to games that lead to violence and selfishness, known games such as backgammon and rummikub are of this type.

There are plenty of games like this, which are difficult to say to be useful in terms of content, and that even pave way for many bad habits.

3. Some games, on the other hand, may be in a style that provides strategy, design, knowledge, attention, intelligence and technical ability.

When it is thought that developing packages through such games helps to gain a profession and future talent, it can be concluded that it is permissible as long as it does not contain content that is not halal, such as gambling and that will cause unfair earnings.

For example, mobile applications have been developed in many fields such as language, history, geography, art, culture, mathematics, biology, physics, astronomy and music with educational content and in the form of courses.

In addition, there are also games with useful content in many areas such as city, village, etc. design, inventing, preschool activities, animal kingdom, puzzle, intelligence development, film directing, screenwriting etc.

Games based on luck factor are regarded as gambling. Gambling is not permissible; it is forbidden by religion.

The principles of our supreme religion are clear; the principles sought in the real environment are also sought for the virtual environment, namely the internet and game environment.

In order for a gain to be halal, the goods or services that are the subject of the transaction must be religiously legitimate; the transaction must be carried out in accordance with Islamic ethical values; the parties must not deceive each other in this transaction and it must be done with mutual consent.

In this respect, the purpose of the game, the conditions and the way it is played affect whether the profits coming from the game are halal or haram.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the most precious capital of human beings is time.

It is not appropriate to waste time in front of a screen / mobile phone with the thought of making a little money, and to waste time by being busy with unnecessary and useless things.

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