Is it permissible to play and to watch football?

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Is it permissible to play and to watch football?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It ispermissible to play and to watch football. However, there are some issues to be careful about regarding the issue:

We cannot say that playing ball games is not permissible unless they cause people to delay or miss prayers and unless they cause people to wound or hurt one another. If any of them takes place, it ceases to be legitimate.

Today, it is permissible to play the games of sports played all over the world no matter what their names are and no matter where they originated individually or as teams. However, Islamic scholars draw attention to the following issues for the peace of mind:

1. It is necessary to avoid cursing or swearing while playing and watching.

2. Games must not cause the players and spectators to waste their time by abandoning their education and necessary tasks.

3. Games must not be used for betting or gambling like football pools, lotto, and pick six.

4. They must not prevent fard worshipping like five daily prayers and fasting.

5. They must not be so dangerous as to harm the body or cause death.

6. They must not disturb the people around through extreme acts.

7. People must not exceed the limits of the Quran and the Sunnah regarding the clothes of the players and other issues.

Mehmed Paksu

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