You know the stadiums where football is played whether YOU LOVE FOOTBALL or not. Even if you do not like football, you know how football is played since important matches are broadcast live on TV.

Two teams of eleven people each struggle to dominate the ball selected for the game on the field and try to send the ball into the goal of the opposing team. There are three referees who observe the compliance of this struggle with the rules. There are stands around the field for the spectators who watch the match to sit. The majority of the audience in those stands consists of the supporters of the two teams on the field. The supporters of both teams make various demonstrations to cheer their team up. Drums, clarions, fireworks, different musical instruments, flags, streamers, cheerleaders...

You will witness unimaginable scenes in the match played in such an environment. You can see a person both crying and laughing during the 90 minutes of the match. The audience both gets excited and excites the team according to the game of the team.

If a team scores, all of its supporters stand up without exception. Whistles, applause, hats thrown into the air, hugs and kisses... Players of the goal scoring team form a circle of love on the field. The player who scores the goal starts to run with joy; his teammates run after him to catch him and congratulate him. They take off their shirts out of joy. The players of the team that concedes the goal stand like statues on the field.

Even our elderly grandmothers, who have never been to the stadium, have seen those scenes on TV at home.

Suppose that a close friend of yours wanted to take you to a very important and challenging football match. You accepted your friend's offer and went to the match. You entered the stadium 10 minutes late because there was a long queue outside the stadium. There were nearly 40 thousand spectators in the stadium. When you entered the stadium, you first looked at the field. The players of both teams were running toward the goal. At that moment, you could not see who had the ball because you were both looking at the field and looking for a comfortable place where you could watch the match easily. In a minute or two, you found a suitable spot with a full view of the field. You started to watch the match with your friend.

The players were doing the familiar moves. Running, dribbling, tackling, etc. Sometimes, "boo" sounds were being heard from the stands, and some fanatical supporters were insulting the referee. The stands were decorated with flags and it was a truly perfect scene. However, you started to feel uncomfortable as time passed. You hid your discomfort from your friend before. Six or seven minutes had passed since you entered the stadium. You were agonizing yourself. You shyly approached your friend's ear and told him something in order to get rid of that trouble as soon as possible. Because of the noise of the fans, your friend could not understand what you said. Your friend asked you aloud:

- "What did you say? I could not get it"

You almost cried. You tried to control yourself. You gritted your teeth. You started to read Ayatul-Kursiy silently. You pulled your friend. You finished your prayer and showed your friend the field and asked him half cryingly,

- "For God's sake! Where is the ball?"

Your friend leaned very calmly and whispered into your ear:

- "This match is being played without a ball."

You thought your friend was mocking you and said to him:

- "Stop making fun of me! I am asking you seriously. I see everything here; I can read even the smallest writings but I have not been able to see the ball for six or seven minutes. I know the place where the ball is put when the goalkeepers kick. Goalkeepers quickly tap their feet toward the place where the ball should be when they take the goal kick. However, I cannot see the ball. The referee gave a free kick a minute ago. I was very careful but I could not see the ball again."

Your friend first covered your mouth with his hand to prevent you from speaking anymore; then, he spoke more seriously:

- "I have just told you that the game is being played without a ball. Please believe me. I am telling the truth: The game is being played without a ball..."

You knew from your friend's stance that he was serious but you could not believe it:

- "How can it be? Can there be a match without a ball? There are about 40 thousand spectators in the stadium; some are crying and some are laughing. The players are doing various things to outdo each other. The goalkeepers sometimes run to the corners of the goal and sometimes plunge as usual. The referee showed two yellow cards. The assistant referee showed the corner four times with his flag and touchline seven times. You say, 'The match is being played without a ball.' For God's sake! How can I believe you?"

You felt your blood pressure skyrocket. You wanted to get water from the water seller. In the meantime, you asked the water seller slowly:

- "Where is the ball? I cannot see it."

The water seller gave you the same answer:

- "Brother, this game is being played without a ball."

- "Oh my God! I wonder if my friend gestured the water seller", you thought. You did not say anything to the water seller. You drank the water in the bottle you bought in two sips; you felt a little bit cooler but you started to be afraid that you would go crazy. You began to pray again. You just did not want to believe it. Even if all of the nearly forty thousand spectators were crazy, they kept shouting. 'What do the goalkeepers try to catch when they jump? How does the referee decide for a foul? How could a match be without a ball; I do not believe it.'

Finally, you decided to ask the police near the fence. Four or five policemen were watching the match together. You preferred to ask the one with the highest rank:

- You said, "Officer! I am sorry but I cannot see the ball. I wonder if the ball..." You could not continue because you seemed to understand his answer; and the answer you feared to hear came:

- "This match is being played without a ball!"

At that moment, you felt as if hot water was running down your neck. You crouched down when you realized that you could not stand. You started to pray to Allah more willingly and more persistently. You tried to pull yourself together for five to ten minutes in the place where you crouched. Meanwhile, you drank another bottle of water. You felt as if you had been punched in the head. You had very little strength left. You decided to leave the stadium without asking your friend. And you did so. When you went out, you wanted it to be a dream. However, the traffic on the street told you that you were not asleep and dreaming. You slowly started to walk toward your home.

Dear reader! Can a football match be played without a ball?

If you allow the game to be played without a ball, how can you activate the spectators and players?

You cannot even joke about it, can you?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people live like that. How?

We lead a life from birth to death, from primary school to university, from winter to spring, from childhood to old age. If this life does not have a purpose, an aim, a target, or a goal, it means that we are playing the game of life without a ball. If the winners do not have the excitement of receiving a trophy after the final whistle of the match of life, if there is no disciplinary board to send those who commit fouls, if those who play well in the match of life are not transferred to a better life, it means we are playing the game of life without a ball.

Oh Allah! Do not allow us to play without a ball! Do not make us live without a goal! (Amin, amin, amin...)

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