How do you view Muslims' addiction to football?

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Muslim brothers, along with other nonmuslims are crazy about this fanatism phenomena. Especially watching football, memorising the player's names, reading news and so on.. Can you please give us an insight for how we should battle this nonsense, and what is Islam's position on that? Thank you
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Addiction to football does not befit any person, let alone an alert Muslim. Unfortunately, while some Muslims do not see any badness in addiction to football, which apperantly seems just normal but actually causes great damage, the alert people who aim to exploit Muslims do not spend even one minute of their lives on football.
Football, other similar means of entertainment, and TV programs that feature anti-Islamic elements are means of exploitation that prevent humans from thinking and that numb their minds.
If we ask how much time one spends on football on avarage, with a rough reckoning, the answer is about two hours or more. This includes watching football games, following relevant news, and talks on football with friends. If these people read books for two hours instead of spending this time on football, most probably we would have been in a different position as a country.
Unfortunately, we are far back in the list of reading books in the world. According to a survey, one Japanese, one of the firstcomers in reading books, reads about 25 books a year, while in our country, Turkey, one of the least readers, six Turks together read about one book a year. Should we laugh or weep at this situation?
Our religion forbids extravagance. One of the biggest forms of extravagance is wasting time. Human's most important capital is his/her life. At the time of Caliph Uthman, when the interest in pigions grew very much in Madina, Caliph Uthman, who analyzed the issue, defined busying oneself with pigions as killing the precious time with a trivial thing and immediately enforced a prohibition and punished the people who wasted their time.
Football has many wordly harms; it is obvious that it wil leave human in loss in the hereafter, too. People who pass their short life in this world with trivial and useless things will surely find themselves in great disappointment in the eternal life due to that wasted time.
In the Al-Asr Surah, God Almighty swears on time and says:
1- By Time,
2- Most certainly, human is in loss,
3- Except those who believe and do good righteous deeds, and exhort one another to truth, and exhort one another to steadfast patience. (Al-Asr Surah, 103:1-3)
The most valuable capital human has is his/her life. S/he will earn what s/he can with it. And this life is just a certain part of the time. For human, time is but his/her life, even but the moment s/he is in at the present time. Each moment passed without profit is a loss and disappointment derived from this beautiful capital.
Nevertheless, a life recurrently lost over years will be saved from this loss, if one succeeds in performing a beautiful deed, in the last instant, that will earn him/her the eternal paradise. This way, human finds in each second of his/her life a chance to make up for the past loss to a certain extent. Likewise, this point is highlighted in the Qur'an:
“It is He Who has appointed the night and the day to succeed one another, providing a sign for whoever desires to reflect and so be mindful, or desires to be thankful.” (Al-Furqan Surah, 25:62). In this sense, sufis said, “Sufi must be the son of time; in other words, he must know the value of his life and especially of the instant that he is in and must try to gain what profit and goodness can be derived from it.”
The people who don't believe in the Hereafter say that today has no tomorrow and just opposite to what is stated above, they aim at the joy of this world by saying “The day is today, the hour this hour; we should do right now what we are going to do.” Though they have different intentions, they both like to say:
“Learn the habits of the century, the language of the time,
Look at the human nature, speak in accordance with the time.”
This is because time is the material to use in order to earn, to consume, for profit or for loss. Time is such an occasion; life is a capital with its each instant exposed to both profit and loss. In short, there are many purposes in swearing on time, pointing to its value, and emphasizing the value and the nature of life.

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