How is Islams perception of justice?

Allah Almighty announces, God enjoins justice (and right judgment in all matters), and devotion to doing good, and generosity towards relatives, and He forbids you indecency, wickedness and vile conduct (all offenses against religion, life, personal property, chastity, and health of mind and body). (An-Nahl Surah, 16:90) That is to say, that Allah Almighty is not in favor of tyranny and wickedness.
Allah, the absolutely just, is not unaware of what tyrants do and doubtlessly those who oppress and betray will definitely be brought to account before Divine justice in full detail.
Again in another verse is conveyed how perilous it is even to back up them heartily and to tolerate them, let alone be adherent to them:
And do not incline towards those who do wrong (against God by associating partners with Him and against people by violating their rights), or the Fire will touch you. For you have no guardians and true friends apart from God, (but if you should incline towards those who do wrong,) you will not be helped (by Him). (Hud Surah, 11:113)
In another verse, Allah (SWT) announces, God commands you to deliver trusts (including public and professional duties of service) to those entitled to them; and when you judge between people, to judge with justice. How excellent is what God exhorts you to do; assuredly, God is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. (An-Nisaa Surah, 4:58) Here what is striking is that the verse does not say believers but it says people. So one needs to treat everybody justly be it friend or foe.
Likewise, this verse teaches the same truth: And so, whoever does an atoms weight of good will see it; And whoever does an atoms weight of evil will see it. (Az-Zalzalah Surah, 99:7, 8)

One of the substantial principals of justice is that if somebody commits a crime, nobody else, relatives, friends, nation, state etc. are not to be held responsible for this crime. Allah Almighty announces in a verse, And no soul, as bearer of burden, bears (and is made to bear) the burden of another... (Fatır Surah, 35:18) Everybody will suffer from his own sins. Whoever commits the murder; they themselves must and will suffer from the punishment. If someone has caused another to commit crime, in this case, both will receive punishment.

Allah Almighty has determined a number of boundaries in the Holy Quran in order for His servants not to transgress each others rights and identified them as the boundaries that Allah has drawn. He instructed that those who go beyond the limit will be wrongdoers and will be inflicted with the Divine punishment.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in a hadith, says, Allah (SWT) will torment those who tormented people in the world.

Allah Almighty announces in many verses that wrongdoing people who do not rule justly will have a terrible consequence. As examples, we offer here two of them:
How many a township have We destroyed because it was given up to wrongdoing: so they all lie in ruins, with their roofs caved in, wells and fountains deserted, and towering, lofty castles collapsed. (Al-Hajj Surah, 22:45)
How many a community that did the greatest wrong (by associating partners with God) and thereby wronged itself have We shattered, and raised up another people after them. (Al-Anbiya Surah, 21:11)
Islam orders that it should be showed consideration for rights of people from other religions as well. During peacetime, their rights, like those of Muslims, are preserved. In Hanafi sect, a person, even if he is Muslim, is to be killed if he kills a non-Muslim during peace time.
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warns such people as follows:
Whoever torments a non-Muslim will be my enemy. Whomever enemy I become, I shall seize them by the collar in the Hereafter. (Keshful Hafa, II, 218 Hadith no: 2341)
While the reality is this, one needs to seek the source of the fact that some Muslims are involved in terrorism and tyranny in their ignorance, not in Islam.
As is known, man is not free from mistake. He needs to be convicted because of the crime he has committed. To attempt to hold his religion responsible for a personal crime would not be something a sensible person would do.
In this respect, we need to mention a very important point:
Powers, which prevent Muslims from learning their own religion from the real sources and encourage them into dissipation by keeping them away from their religion and which colonize their countries unfairly and push them into poverty, are primarily responsible for these people are falling into the hands of terrorism. It would be more appropriate for these profit networks to check their conscience first instead of blaming others.

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