The Value of Prayer (4th Word)

The Value of Prayer (4th Word)

O my soul and he who is heedless of his prayer!

If you want to understand with the certainty that two plus two equals four just how valuable and important are the prescribed prayers, and with what little expense they are gained, and how crazy and harmful is the person who neglects them, pay attention to the following story which is in the form of a comparison:

One time, a mighty ruler gave each of two of his servants twenty-four gold pieces and sent them to settle on one of his rich, royal farms two months’ distance away. “Use this money for your tickets,” he commanded them, “and buy whatever is necessary for your house there with it. There is a station one day’s distance from the farm. And there is both road-transport, and a railway, and boats, and aeroplanes. They can be benefited from according to your capital.”

The two servants set off after receiving these instructions. One of them was fortunate so that he spent a small amount of money on the way to the station. And included in that expense was some business so profitable and pleasing to his master that his capital increased a thousandfold.

As for the other servant, since he was luckless and a layabout, he spent twenty-three pieces of gold on the way to the station, wasting it on gambling and amusements. A single gold piece remained. His friend said to him: “Spend this last gold piece on a ticket so that you will not have to walk the long journey and starve. Moreover, our master is generous; perhaps he will take pity on you and forgive you your faults, and put you on an aeroplane as well. Then we shall reach where we are going to live in one day. Otherwise you will be compelled to walk alone and hungry across a desert which takes two months to cross.” The most unintelligent person can understand how foolish, harmful, and senseless he would be if out of obstinacy he did not spend that single remaining gold piece on a ticket, which is like the key to a treasury, and instead spent it on vice for passing pleasure. Is that not so?

O you who do not perform the prescribed prayers! And O my own soul, which does not like to pray!

The ruler in the comparison is our Sustainer, our Creator. Of the two travelling servants, one represents the devout who perform their prayers with fervour, and the other, the heedless who neglect their prayers. The twenty-four pieces of gold are life in every twenty-four-hour day. And the royal domain is Paradise. As for the station, that is the grave. While the journey is man’s passage to the grave, and on to the resurrection, and the hereafter. Men cover that long journey to different degrees according to their actions and the strength of their fear of God. Some of the truly devout have crossed a thousand-year distance in a day like lightning. And some have traversed a fifty-thousand-year distance in a day with the speed of imagination.

The ticket in the comparison represents the prescribed prayers. A single hour a day is sufficient for the five prayers together with taking the ablutions.

So what a loss a person makes who spends twenty-three hours on this fleeting worldly life, and fails to spend one hour on the long life of the hereafter; how he wrongs his own self; how unreasonably he behaves.

The spirit, the heart, and the mind find great ease in prayer. For, a person trusts and takes refuge in Allah, Lord of the realms, thanks to prayer. His spirit, heart, and mind are saved from all fears and troubles with it. The prayer virtually gives him the following advice: Allah is one. Do not tire yourself by applying to other beings. Do not be humiliated by pleading them. Do not fawn on them and do not surrender to them. Do not fear them because the Sultan of the Universe is one. He has the keys to everything and holds the reigns of everything. Everything is settled through His order. If you find Him, you will find whatever you want and you will get rid of endless indebtedness and fears…

Prayer is such a treasure that all of the other permissible acts and worldly deeds of someone who performs the prescribed prayers become like worship with good intention. He can make over the whole capital of his life to the Hereafter in this way; he can make his transient life permanent in one respect. Yes, if a person who performs prayers has the intention of covering his body while putting on his clothes, it will gain him rewards. If he has the intention of making his body strong while eating or sleeping in order to be able to perform prayers, his eating, drinking and sleeping will be regarded as worship. Similarly, thanks to prayer, all of his deeds become worship with good intention. It is such a great treasure.

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