Is the vaccine that includes porcine gelatin permissible?

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It is said that some vaccines or medications contain porcine gelatin. Is it halal to use those vaccines or medications? For example, if there is porcine gelatin in the corona virus vaccine, is it permissible to use it or do we have to use it? What tack should we take and according to what? What should we do as citizens in such a situation? What should our attitude be according to our religion?

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If a medication or vaccine obtained from halal substances has not yet been produced for the treatment of a disease, or if it has been produced but it is not possible to reach them and if it is stated by a medical specialist whose professional competence and honesty are trustworthy that a substance that is haram or a drug or vaccine produced from it has to be used, there is no drawback to taking that drug or getting vaccinated according to the religion of Islam. For, "Necessities make prohibitions (haram things) permissible.” (Majalla, article 21)

If the necessity disappears and drugs or vaccines made from other halal substances are found, it will be necessary to use halal ones. For, "Necessities are estimated by the extent thereof." (Majalla, article 22)

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