Is any kind of gelatin haram for muslim?

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S.a Is any kind of gelatin haram for muslim?
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Not all kinds of gelatin but the kind that is produced from the pigskin is forbidden. It is permissible (halal) if produced from the other animals.

Being a kind of protein Gelatin is obtained from the collagen of the vertebrates such as cattle, pig and fish. Its main raw materials are pigskin, calfskin and calf bone. But generally the ones made by pigskins are used.

Gelatin is generally used in cakes, yoghurts, ice-creams and fruit juices. Also, it is used in medicines, capsules and tablets, and cosmetic products, photography and carbonized paper.

If, the gelatin is produced from the skin and bone of a calf, which was slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic principals, it is permissible (halal). Otherwise, that is to say, if it is produced from the forbidden things, such as pigskin, it is impermissible.

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