Is global waming true that when we use too much electricyty and stuff that eartquakes and tsumnis will happen?

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Is global waming true that when we use too much electricyty and stuff that eartquakes and tsumnis will happen?
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It is not right to reduce ayahs and hadiths that mention the signs of the Doomsday to a single subject and limit it. It can be said that those ayahs and hadiths contain lots of issues and may imply calamities like global warming.
The Prophet said in a hadith in which he mentions the features of the end of time:
When the world remains in “harj u marj”, when troubles appear, when the ways are blocked off, when some people attack others… (Kıyamet-Ahiret ve Ahirzaman Alametleri, p. 454)
The meaning of “harj u marj” in dictionary is “turmoil, disorder, unrest” and in the hadith it is said that it won’t be limited in a particular area and will prevail in all parts of the world. Blocking the ways and attacking of some people to others are counted as the signs of the age mentioned in the hadith.
The event mentioned above is mentioned in another hadith similarly. The Prophet who said “The apocalypse draws nearer and “harj” increases” was asked about the meaning of “harj” and he answered as “harj means killings”. (Kur'an ve Sünnette Kiyamet ve Ahiret, p.172)
Other hadiths that came to us about the issue are:
There exists anarchy and disorder days just near apocalypse. (Suyuti, Jami'üs Saghir, 3/211; Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musnad, 2/492)
The Doomsday will not come till these events happen… Deaths and massacres will be common… (Jamiu's-Saghir, 3:211, Musnad, 2:492, 4:391, 392:)
Examining the hadiths above, leads us to an important conclusion. The Prophet, with crashes, disorders and massacres He mentioned, describes the worldwide wars, terrorist attacks and different events about the world and states that these events are signs of apocalypse.
The modern war technology of our time, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons increased the effects of wars to a level that has never been seen in the history. It is also commonly accepted that the World cannot have a third world war because of mass-destruction weapons.
The ayahs about the issue contain lessons we are supposed to learn. Allah says in surah Al-Room that there were disorders in the world because of the actions of people.
Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have done, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return. The Quran, the Romans (Ar-room); 41 (30:41)
It is worth to add that there is an important warning in the ayah. The sorrows, grieves and pains resulting from the faults of men are sort of opportunities for them to return from their mistakes.
In short, the time when the world is in “harj u marj” has been exactly lived in our time and a sign of apocalypse has came true in this way. At the same time, this sign has been an important warning for people to live in accordance with moralities of life.
As Doomsday approaches, big cities will be destroyed because of wars and calamities.
One of the pieces of information which The Prophet gave about end of time is: “Big cities will be destroyed as if they did not exist yesterday.” (Kitab-ul Burhan Fi Alamatt-il Mahdiyyil Ahir Zaman, p. 38)
Industry causes global warming which is a harmful and unwanted by-product; the balances in the world atmosphere which is gradually getting warmer and so climate changes take place. Calamities like hurricanes, storms, tornados, typhoons caused destructive damages in many places of the world especially in America. In addition to them, many settlements suffered from floods. Moreover, we did not forget about the damages caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. As a conclusion, the destruction in big cities caused by all those calamities has been an important sign. The most common definition for 20th century is “the century of calamities” Natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and civil wars, clashes and important sea accidents or plane crashes claimed lots of lives. Cities that were destroyed, people that went out of existence  are among the signs of the apocalypse mentioned in the hadiths. Allah says in the Quran: “Do they wait the Hour to overtake them unawares? Its signs have already come…” (the Quran Muhammad, 18)
The believers who believe in Allah sincerely, conscious of following the destiny, observed the appearance of the signs of the apocalypse with great curiosity and excitement for ages. They contemplated about the signs in ayahs and hadiths, tried to be ready for the instigations and troubles in the first times of the end-of-time and wished to live in the golden age about which they are foretold in advance. The time which we are in is the time in which most signs of apocalypse have fully appeared.  Present time witnesses the appearance of the heavenly signs successively and in accordance with the way they are described and witnesses the events that have never happened before. Without doubt, they are the most important events after the time of the Prophet. The global warming is one of those events. Evaluating those events with prejudice, ignoring or denying them is a great loss for those who think so.
It is clear that 21st century is the beginning of a new era in world history. The promise of Allah is an absolute reality. Nobody can prevent or change His promises. As it is in every issue, the wisest and the most beautiful statement is in the Quran. Allah says:
“And say:  “Praise is only for Allah, who will soon show you His signs so that you will recognize them.”…

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