Will the spirits in graves be affected by the horror of Doomsday? What will the state of believers be like when Doomsday strikes?

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Will believers experience the horror of Doomsday like unbelievers when Doomsday strikes?
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When Doomsday strikes, the spirits of believers will be removed before so that they will not experiencethe horror of Doomsday as a sign of mercy; Doomsday will strike unbelievers.

Will the eternal spirits in graves be affected by the events of Doomsday?

Those who will be affected based on their decrees: Angels will be affected by Allah’s manifestations of wrath based on their degrees. When a person who is in a warm place sees the people who shiver outside in the snow and blizzard, he is affected in terms of his intellect and conscience. Similarly, the signs of the Quran shows that conscious eternal spirits are affected by the big incidents of the universe based on their degrees since they are related to the universe, that unbelievers will be affected badly and that people of bliss will be affected well. For, the Quran always mentions the strange incidents of Doomsday in the form of threats; it says, "You will see!" In fact, those who see it with their bodies are those who will be living when Doomsday strikes. That is, the spirits whose bodies decay in the grave will also receive their shares from the threat of the Quran.

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