Will the Muslims see Doomsday strike?

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Just before Doomsday strikes, the spirits of the believers will be removed as a sign of divine mercy so that they will not see the horrible events of Doomsday; Doomsday will strike the unbelievers.

"Doomsday will not strike the believers. Just before Doomsday, Allah will send a wind. As that wind blows, no believer who has belief will survive; they will die. May Allah have mercy on them!"1


1.Sharhus-Sunnah 15/90, Musnadul-Firdaws 5/88, al-Matalibul-Aliya hadith no: 4582 (Imam Busiri decreed that the hadith was sound.); Kanzul-Ummal 15/229; Shuabu İman Bayhaqi 2/191; Mu'jamut-Tabarani al-Kabir 3/3037.

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