What is Qiyama (Doomsday)?

As everything will die, the world will die, too. Sooner or later, the order and balance of the world will be broken, and everything in the world and in the sky will die. It is called Qiyama.

When Israfel blows the Trumpet (Soor), the earth and the sky will start to shake and everything will be upside down. The quake of Qiyama will be so horrible and terrifying that everybody will be stupefied, the earth will move. The mountains will be thrown like cotton, the things in the sky will be disarrayed, the sun, which illuminates the world, will be dark and break into pieces, the seas will boil and merge into one another, everything under the earth will come up, in short, the order and balance of the world and the skies will be broken and everything will be upside down. 

It is definite that the Doomsday will strike by the statements of all religious and holy books as well as by reason and science.

There are many scientific theories about the destruction of the world and the universe; it has been proved by calculations that the universe will end sooner or later, and the Doomsday will strike. 

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