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good evening how can i find the direction of kaaba if i dont have a compass?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

If one person does not know the direction of qibla, firstly should ask around and make a search about where the qibla is. If there is no chance to ask someone around, that person oneself makes a search and performs the prayer (salat) through the direction s/he has convinced to be it is. If the direction that person faced for salat is understood to be wrong direction after salat had been performed, there is no obligation for reperforming. However, if there is a possibility to ask for the right direction to someone around and without asking or searching if the salat is performed, it is compulsory to perform the salat again after learning the right direction (qibla).

How is the direction of the qibla found?

If there is no qibla compass, the direction of the qibla is found by a scheduled hour called the qibla clock. At that time if you turn your face to the sun, you will have been directed to the direction of Mecca. If you send us in which country, and city you live, we can find the qibla time and the times of prayer as well.

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