Does touching break fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan?

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After the azan of Fajr (while fasting in Ramadan) I lost ´control´ and was touching myself. I am not a man so of course nothing came out, and I did not insert anything into my body. I did not eat/drink anything, but I felt pleasure, did I break my fast? If so will I have to fast 60 continuous days? And what are all or most of the restricted things of doing during Ramadan? (besides eating and drinking) Thank You.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Masturbation invalidates the fasting and requires a make-up day. Ejaculation that occurs with pleasure by kissing, touching, and masturbation invalidates the fasting.

Forbidden Acts Requiring a Make-up Day:
    * Eating due to a mistake or coercion.
    * Swallowing the blood more than the saliva with which it is mixed and the taste of which one feels.
    * Swallowing more than a few drops of tears and sweat the taste of which one feels.
    * Removing from the mouth anything edible that remains between the teeth and which is greater than a chickpea, and then eating it.
    * Vomiting a mouthful. Anything less and which goes back into the stomach does not invalidate the fast. However, if one intentionally takes it back, the fast is broken.
    * Ejaculation that occurs with pleasure by kissing, touching, and masturbation.
    * Menses and post-childbirth bleeding, even if either begins just before sunset.
    * If one eats, drinks, or has intercourse, thinking that the sun has set or that fajr has not occurred.
    * Any injections, whether for feeding or for medicinal purposes. It does not matter if the injection was intravenous or underneath the skin, or whether what was injected reaches the stomach.
    * Any drink or medicine that passes through throat or nose. However, water that passes through the ears is allowed.
    * Any fluid going into body through the rectum.

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