Will we be called to account for eating a lot in iftar and suhur in Ramadan?

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- We sometimes eat a lot in iftar and suhur in the month of Ramadan. Will Allah question us for it?

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Eating meals is not related to Ramadan only. The greatest criterion for the issue is the following verse of the Quran:

“Eat and drink: But waste not by excess.” (al-A'raf, 7/31)

The criterion of eating and drinking changes from person to person. Some of them eat a lot and some eat a little. Not everybody becomes full by eating the same amount of food. What matters is not to eat before getting hungry and to leave the dinner table before the stomach is full based on the capacity of eating for everybody.

It is sunnah to divide the stomach into three. It is necessary to allocate one third of the stomach for food, one third for water and one third for breathing. That is the final limit. What is essential is to eat a little.

As a matter of fact, the Prophet (pbuh) states the following regarding the issue:

“The human does not fill any container that is worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat what will support his back. If this is not possible, a third for food, a third for drink, and third for his breath.” (Tirmidhi, Zuhd 47; Ibn Majah, Atima 50)

Ibn Sina (Avicenna) states the following: “I concentrate the science of medicine in two lines, the best word is the shortest; when you eat, eat little, and do not eat again for four or five hours. Health lies in digestion.” That is to say, eat so much as you can digest easily. The heaviest and most tiring thing for your stomach and yourself is to eat many things one on top of the other. (see Nursi, Lem'alar, On Dokuzuncu Lem'a)

It is necessary for those who do not make their bodies move very much and who do not get tired bodily to eat less in order to maintain the balance of their bodies. One of the most important reasons for the people’s complaining about excess weight, stomachache and sleeping a lot is not being able to maintain this balance.

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