What are the things and states that invalidate fasting?

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The states that invalidate fasting and necessitate both qada (fasting for one day) and kaffarah (fasting for two months)

A person who does one of the following things in Ramadan without being forced or threatened and without forgetting has to perform fasting as both qada and kaffarah:

1- Having sexual intercourse.

2- Eating, drinking or taking a medicine.

3- Deliberate swallowing of rain, hail or snow water drops that enter mouth involuntarily.

4- Smoking, burning and inhaling tobacco or any type of incense material.

5- Taking Snuff.

6- Eating suet, dried meat or raw meat.

7- Swallowing or eating something in the size of a sesame seed by chewing.

8- Eating a little salt. (As for eating much salt, it only requires Qadha.)

9- Swallowing of one’s wife’s or lover’s saliva, mouthwash. The things that are listed here contain the cure, nourishment and pleasure of the body. Thus, they require both qadha and Kaffarah.

Things that invalidate fasting and necessitate fasting as qada (fasting for one day)

1. Eating uncooked rice.

2. Eating plain flour or plain dough. (If oil and sugar are added to the dough, kaffarah becomes necessary too.)

3. Eating a lot of salt at a time. (Eating a small amount of salt requires kaffarah too.)

4. Swallowing stone, soil, pebbles and metals such as, iron, copper, gold and silver.

5. Eating olive seeds or cherry stones. If the inside of apricot seed is eaten, kaffarah becomes necessary too.

6. Eating a fruit that cannot be eaten before ripening, such as quince, when it is raw, without salting and cooking. (If it is ripe and is cooked or salted, kaffarah becomes necessary too.)

7. Eating green walnuts that have not ripened yet. Or swallowing almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts with their shells without chewing.

8. Pouring something into the throat through a funnel.

9. Swallowing involuntarily the rain, snow or hail that enters the mouth.

10. Water going down the throat by mistake while washing the mouth or the nose in wudu.

11. Inhaling smoke through the throat or nose willingly.  If it is some smoke that provides a taste and pleasure such as cigarette and musk, kaffarah becomes necessary too.

12. Breaking fasting because of the pressure and threat of someone else.

13. Someone else pouring water down your throat while you are asleep.

14. Eating and drinking deliberately with the thought that one’s fast is broken after eating and drinking by forgetting.

15. Eating something as big as a chickpea that remained between the teeth.

16. Vomiting deliberately. This vomiting breaks the fast even if it is less than a mouthful.

17. Sending the mouthful puke that comes out spontaneously or that is brought willingly back to the stomach. 

18. Eating suhoor thinking that there is till enough time to eat though the time for suhoor has passed.

19. Breaking the fast thinking that the sun has set and it is time for iftar though it has not.

20. Breaking a fast other than Ramadan fast even if one breaks it willingly.

21. Semen coming out from a man or woman due to kissing, caressing, hugging, etc. Fasting is not broken if madhi (prostatic fluid) only comes out due to lust.

22. Eating and drinking during the day without intending to fast in Ramadan necessitates only qada. It does not necessitate kaffarah because kaffarah is not the penalty for not fasting, but for breaking the fast.

23. Swallowing someone else's saliva or morsel coming out of their mouth, or eating the morsel that one has taken out of his mouth and kept it outside for a while. Since human nature disgusts such things, only qada becomes necessary: ​​However, swallowing the saliva of a beloved person necessitates kaffarah because man gets pleasure from it.

24. Rectal suppositories used for treatment do not break the fast though they enter the digestive system, since the digestion is completed in the small intestines and since suppositories are not nutritious. Similarly, vaginal suppositories used for therapeutic purposes do not break the fast either.

Since water, glucose and some salts are absorbed in the large intestines, the fast is broken if the liquid containing food is sent to the intestines or if the water sent to the intestines remains in the intestine long enough for the water to be absorbed. However, if the intestines are cleaned immediately after the water is sent to the intestines and the water is not kept in the intestines, the fast is not broken because the water exits the body with the feces and the water absorbed during this time is too little.

It is almost impossible for a person to wash his intestines like that and such a thing is harmful to the health. Therefore, washing one’s anus normally does not invalidate fasting.

25. Masturbation.

26. Swallowing blood. Swallowing a little blood in the mouth, most of which is saliva, does not break the fast.

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