Is fasting invalidated if a person keeps a clove (of carnation) in his mouth?

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It is makruh because it is not appropriate to put anything that has a flavor and scent into the mouth. If the flavor goes to the stomach, fasting is invalidated; if the flavor is felt only in the mouth, it is makruh but fasting is not invalidated. It can be compared to the chewing gum.

The following conditions are necessary for chewing gum not to invalidate fasting though it is makruh:

a. Sweetness, etc. must not go to the stomach from the chewing gum through the wetness of the mouth.

b. The chewing gum must be white chewing that has been chewed before.

c. The chewing gum must not be of the type that melts and dissolves in the mouth.

The chewing gums that do not fulfill the conditions above invalidate fasting. If chewing gum is used for treatment, the following is in question:

If a person who is fasting in Ramadan has a toothache and puts a clove into his mouth to alleviate the pain and the saliva that occurs goes down the throat, his fasting is not invalidated. If he swallows the clove, his fasting is invalidated but only qada (fasting for one day) becomes necessary. (Ibn Abidin, 2:98; Nimet-i İslâm, p. 466.)

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