Will you give information about the fasting, wudu and excuse of a person from whose gums blood and pus come?

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One of my teeth is broken and I have not had it treated yet. There is a small inflammation in the gum under the teeth and pus sometimes comes out of it. Is this regarded as an excuse? Are my fasting and wudu invalidated when pus comes out of it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Swallowing blood invalidates fasting. Little blood in the mouth most of which consists of saliva does not invalidate fasting when it is swallowed. The same thing is valid for the inflammation in the mouth. If the majority of the thing that is swallowed is not pus but saliva, fasting is not invalidated.

The same criterion is valid for wudu. That is, if the blood or pus forms the majority of the thing that is spat, wudu is invalidated; if saliva forms the majority, wudu is not invalidated.  

The state that invalidates wudu needs to continue for the whole period of time for a prayer for a person to be regarded as excused; that is, the thing that invalidates wudu must not stop for a period long enough to make wudu and perform a prayer. (This is the condition for the excused state to start.) After that, the same thing must happen at least once in each period of time for a prayer. (This is the condition for the continuation of the excused state.)

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