Does a bleeding tooth invalidate fasting?

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When I rinse my mouth in wudu when I am fasting, my teeth bleed after I spit the water. I also feel that sometimes bleeding occurs in my mouth when I spit even when outside wudu; and I taste blood in my mouth. However, I cannot spit in some places and I think my fasting might be invalidated if I swallow it. Does that bleeding invalidate fasting? I suffer from this problem when I fast.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

When the blood comes from between the teeth, it does not invalidate fasting if it is a little and if it does not go down the throat because it is not possible to avoid it. Even if the blood is more, it does not invalidate fasting if saliva is more than blood.  

However, if blood is more than saliva and if the taste of blood is felt or if blood is as much as saliva, fasting is invalidated if it is swallowed. The same decree is valid for the tooth that is pulled.

In addition, it is necessary not to squeeze the lips and the mouth. If one avoids it, blood can be less than saliva.

(Ömer Nasuhi BİLMEN, İslam İlmihali, p. 294)

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