Is it permissible to wear contact lenses while fasting?

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Is it permissible to wear contact lenses while fasting?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Contact lenses and their water do not prevent fasting; the fast of the person who uses them is not invalidated.  

Current things that do not invalidate fasting:

- To trim nails, to cut hair, to shave. To clean one’s body, to dye hair, to apply nail polish, to tinge with kohl, to apply make-up on the face, to smell flowers, essence and musk, to kiss.

- To laugh, to joke, to shout, to cry, to swallow unaccumulated saliva, to brush teeth, to put in eye drops, to wear contact lenses, to place false teeth in the mouth, to feel the taste of a gingival bleeding, to swallow the phlegm from a cough, to swallow the water that comes from the stomach to the throat as one belches, to swallow the mucus in the nose through the nasal cavity, to swallow a piece of food smaller than a chick pea that remained in the mouth before the start of fasting time.  

- To hug or kiss one’s spouse while seeing him/her off, to hug children and to kiss them, to play with children.

- To gossip, to tell lies (a person commits sins by doing so), to wash one’s hands and face or to have a shower in order to cool, to ejaculate while looking or thinking.

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