Do contact lenses prevent fasting? Is fasting invalidated if the special liquid of lenses touches the eyes?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Contact lenses and the liquid of lenses do not prevent fasting. The fast of a person who uses lenses is not invalidated.

Current things that do not invalidate fasting:

- Trimming nails, cutting hair and shaving.

- Cleaning the body, dyeing hair, applying nail polish, applying kohl on the eyes, applying make-up on the face.

- Smelling flowers, perfume and musk; kissing.

- Laughing, joking, shouting, crying.

- Swallowing the saliva that has not accumulated in the mouth, brushing teeth.

- Using eye drops, wearing contact lenses, placing dentures in the mouth.

- Feeling the taste of gingival bleeding in the mouth, swallowing the phlegm coming to the mouth with the cough, swallowing the gastric juice coming to the throat with belching, swallowing the mucus in the nose by inhaling it through the nasal passage.

- Swallowing a small amount of food that is smaller than a chickpea remaining between the teeth from suhoor.

- Hugging and kissing one’s spouse while seeing him/her off; hugging and kissing children, and playing with them.

- Gossiping, telling lies (one commits sins by doing so).

- Washing the hands and face or taking a shower to cool off.

- Ejaculation while looking or thinking does not break fasting.

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