What are the things that invalidate and break wudu?

1 – Any najasah, liquid or solid matter coming out of the penis and anus like urine, feces, sperm, madi, blood, etc.

2 – Breaking wind from the anus (farting).

3 – Blood, pus, yellow liquid, etc flowing from any part of the body... If the blood that comes out of the body does not flow or does not spread, it does not invalidate wudu. The pus and yellow liquid coming out of a wound is regarded the same. That kind of liquid that does not spread around by itself will not invalidate wudu even if it is wiped. Letting blood through cupping and using leeches invalidate wudu.

As for the leakage other than blood, pus and yellow liquid, they will invalidate wudu if they leak due to an illness. For instance, the wudu of a person is invalidated if his eyes are watered due to an illness. The leakage that does not happen due to an illness does not invalidate wudu. For instance, tears that flow due to crying or laughing a lot or running of the nose due to cold weather will not invalidate wudu.

Pure water coming out of the pimples on the body is like blood and invalidates wudu according to a view. According to another view, it does not. The second view is a great ease for those who have scabies and pockmarks. It is reported from Imam Hulwani that there is no objection to acting in accordance with the second view when there is a real necessity. The wetness caused by eczema and the rashes between the fingers do not invalidate wudu.

* According to Shafiis, leakage of blood, pus, yellow liquid that does not come from the genital organs and anus does not invalidate wudu.

4 – To vomit mouthful. It does not matter whether the thing that is vomited is food, water or bile. If the total amount of what is vomited amounts a mouthful, it invalidates wudu even if it is vomited in small amounts.

5 – If blood equaling to saliva or more than saliva comes out of the mouth, wudu is invalidated. It can be understood from the color whether blood is equal to, more or less than saliva. If the color is yellow, it means saliva is more. If it is light red, it means they are equal. If it is dark red, it means blood is more. If saliva is more than blood, wudu is not invalidated. If traces of blood are seen when one bites a quince, an apple, etc, wudu is not invalidated.

6 – Sleeping, which makes a person lose control over himself, invalidates wudu it does not matter whether a person sleeps by lying down, facing down, leaning on his elbow. Napping does not invalidate wudu if the person hears what the people around are talking.

When a person sleeps leaning on something, if he sleeps so deeply as to fall when the thing that he leans on is moved away, his wudu is invalidated.

7– To faint for a short or long time.

8 – To laugh during the prayer. Smiling and laughing are two different things. When someone laughs, it is heard by others. Therefore, it invalidates wudu if someone laughs while praying. When wudu is invalidated, the prayer is invalidated, too. Smiling does not invalidate the prayer or wudu since it is silent. However, if a person laughs so silently and if he himself hears it only, his prayer is invalidated but his wudu is not.

* According to Shafiis, even the laughter in the prayer does not invalidate wudu.

9 – Sexual intercourse or extreme touching. According to Hanafis, if the skins of a man and a woman touches each other, their wudus are not invalidated; however, if a woman and a man touches each other while they are naked or if they touch each other with lust without a garment that will prevent them from feeling the heat of their bodies, or if they caress and hug each other like that, their wudus are invalidated. Most of the Hanafi scholars decide that the contact is extreme when the sexual organ of the man becomes erect; however, Imam Muhammad holds the view that unless a wetness like madi (pre-coital fluid) comes out, wudu is not invalidated. According to Shafiis, wudu is invalidated when the skin of a woman and a man touches each other. According to Malikis and Hanbalis, wudu is invalidated if sexual pleasure is felt when the skins touch each other.

10 – If a person who has made tayammum sees water, his wudu is invalidated.

11 – When the time for a prayer ends, wudu of an excused person is invalidated.

12 – Getting drunk by taking alcohol or drugs invalidates wudu. It is definitely haram to take intoxicating drinks but the amount that does not make a person drunk does not invalidate wudu.

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