Is qada or kaffarah necessary for a person who does masturbation when he is fasting?

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If a person who does masturbation when he/she is fasting, his/her fasting is invalidated; when such a person learns that it invalidates fasting, he/she must repent at once and decide not to do it again. He/she needs to perform it as qada after Ramadan as one day for each day.

It is written in Hindiyya, Bahr, Durrul-Mukhtar and other fiqh books that masturbation invalidates fasting but that only qada (fasting for one day) is necessary.

It is haram and a major sin not to fast in Ramadan or break a fasting without completing it though it is fard.

Fasting is an education of the will in terms of keeping away consciously from the desires of the soul. It is an effective way of controlling the desires of the soul and elevating the spirit by purifying it. It becomes clear that those who are overcome by their lustful desires fail in the education of the will.  

That masturbation does not necessitate kaffarah (fasting for two months) does not show that it is an unimportant sin. On the contrary, those who break fasting without an excuse commit a major sin. (Zaylai, Tabyin, 1/323; Ibn Nujaym, al-Bahr, 2/293)

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