What is the benefit of listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur'an even though one cannot understand its context and meaning?

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What is the benefit of listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur'an even though one cannot understand its context and meaning?
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The Noble Qur’an does not have only one aspect. With the expression of Badiuzzaman, “It is a both a book of shari’a (Islamic laws), and a book of prayer, and a book of dhikr (rememberance), and a book of thought, and a unique, comprehensive sacred book comprising many books to which recourse may be had for all the needs of all mankind.” (Said Nursi, Risale-i Nur Collection, The Words, Twenty Fifth Word)

Namely, the Clear Qur’an organizes our lives. It shows our responsibility towards Allah, it teaches us what the aim of our coming to the world is, what we should do, how we should worship and it tells the wisdom and essence of everything. In short, the Noble Qur’an is a book of dhikr, thought, prayer and summon. 

The effectiveness field of the Noble Qur’an is not restricted only to the world. It gives effulgence to the believing spirits not only the world, but also in the world of the grave in the same way and it livens up our spirits also there and it becomes light in our graves.
Allah, who has created us, has sent the Noble Qur’an to us in Arabic. Of course, we should read its translations such as Turkish and English in order to learn its meaning. However, when we recite it in salat (prayers) worship, we should necessarily recite it in its original. Because, Its original form is in Arabic. Allah has revealed the Qur’an in Arabic. Its translations can never supersede the Qur’an. 
For example, if we spoil the essence of a seed and tear it to pieces and then sow it inside the earth, it will not become a tree. Because, its characteristics have disappeared. Likewise, the verses, the words and the letters of the Qur’an are like seeds. Since they will lose their characteristics when it is transformed into other languages, it will not be the Qur’an anymore.
To get to the thought of “We do not understand its meaning”; understanding the meaning of the Qur’an whether from its original or from its translations and living according to its ordinances is the duty of every Muslim. Actually, the Qur’an was sent to be understood and to be practiced. It should be considered why a Muslim who learns English in order to understand a book even in English does not learn Arabic in order to understand the Qur’an.    
Besides, it gives benefit to us even if we do not understand it. For example, can not a person who has lost his sense of taste benefit from the nutrition he has eaten? Although his tongue does not feel the taste, the foods he eats will go to the necessary organs. Reciting the Qur’an is like that. When a person, whose mind does not understand the meanings of the Qur’an, sends it to his spirit’s stomach; the other attributes of his spirit will take its meanings.
On the other hand, it is informed that at least ten rewards will be given for every letter of the Qur’an. (Tirmidhi, Sawab al-Qur’an 16, 2912). Let’s notice the beneficence of our Almighty Lord, He bestows at least ten rewards for each letter of the Qur’an. When we recite the Qur’an in some blessed and special times such as on Fridays and on the eid days, in Ramadan and in the Night of Power, the rewards given for its each letter increase from 1 to 700, even from 1 to 700,000. Certainly, reading the translations of it is beneficial, however since non of its translations will supersede the Qur’an, the rewards taken from every letter of the Qur’an will not be achieved.

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