Is it better to read the Quran in Arabic or in its translation in one’s own language?

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Is it better to read the Quran in Arabic or in its translation in one’s own language?

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Even a very small deed done in the way of Allah will not be left without a reward. To read the Quran, which is one of the greatest things in the universe, will definitely not be left without a reward. One gets a reward even when he looks at the pages of the Quran. One definitely gets a reward when he reads the meaning of the Quran.

However, there is a difference between reading the Quran in Arabic (its original form) and its translation. What is essential is to learn to read the Quran in Arabic and to read its translation in order to understand it. However, no translation of the Quran will be the same as its original form; therefore, no translation can be read in prayer (salah). We have to read the original Quran in prayers. Allah’s word is the one that is in Arabic. It has a different place and different rewards. Rewards are given for each letter of it.

Allah, who created us, sent the Quran to us in Arabic. It is necessary to read its English translation in order to learn its meaning. However, when we read it in prayer, we have to read from the original Quran. For, its origin is in Arabic. Allah sent down the Quran in Arabic. Its translation cannot replace it.

If we divide a seed into pieces by distorting its original form and sow it, a tree will not come out of it. For, it has lost its properties. Similarly, the verses, words and letters of the Quran are like seeds; when they are translated into other languages, the Quran will lose its properties and it will no longer be the Quran.

As for the thought that “we do not understand its meaning”, it is the duty of all Muslims to understand the Quran whether from its original form or from its translation and to live in accordance with its decrees. Besides, the Quran was sent down so that it would be understood and practiced. A Muslim sometimes learns a foreign language in order to understand a book written in a foreign language; it is necessary to think why a Muslim does not learn Arabic in order to understand the Quran.

Besides, even if we do not understand it, it is useful for us. For instance, will a person whose tongue has lost the ability to taste not benefit from the foods he eats? Even if his tongue does not taste, the food he eats will reach the necessary organs. Reading the Quran is like that. The mind of a person might not understand the meaning of the Quran but when it goes to the stomach of his spirit, the other faculties of his spirit will understand it even if his mind does not.

On the other hand, Allah states that He will give at least ten rewards for each letter of the Quran. Translations are useful but they will not replace the original Quran; therefore, a person cannot get the reward received for reading each letter of the original Quran by reading the translations.

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