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- Will you give information about Rahmani warning? - Why does ar-Rahman warn? - What does ar-Rahman warn with? Whom does ar-Rahman warn?

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Answer 1:

Rahmani warning is the warning made by Allah, who is ar-Rahman (the All-Compassionate).

These warnings can be made by the Quran, which is the clear revelation; they can also be made by the Sunnah/sound hadiths, which is the subtle revelation; in addition, they can be made by inspiration.

- Warning is a divine blessing made to a person in order to keep him away from harmful things.

If a person warns us by saying, “Watch out! There is a scorpion around your neck!”, we will be grateful to him; similarly, is it not necessary for us to be much more grateful to our Lord, who warns us against the worldly and otherworldly harms through revelation and inspiration?

- Why did Allah, who is ar-Rahman, send religions?

The purpose of religions is to enable people to attain bliss in the world and the hereafter. The religion of Islam has universal messages that encompass all humanity and that are valid until the Day of Judgment.

It can be said that the content of those messages is based on two principles.

One of them is to show the beauties of the true path to people in order to lead them to it and to give them the good news about the nice rewards.

The other one is to show people the bad aspects of the wrong ways in order to prevent them from following wrong ways and to warn them against the material and spiritual losses that they can incur in wrong ways.

Let us have a look at the statement of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi regarding the issue:

“We hear many lazy people and those who neglect the five daily prayers ask: ‘What need has Allah Almighty of our worship that in the Qur’an He severely and insistently reproves those who give up worship and threatens them with so a fearsome a punishment as Hell? How is it in keeping with the style of the Qur’an, which is moderate, mild and fair, to demonstrate the ultimate severity towards an insignificant, minor fault?”

"The Answer: Allah Almighty has no need of your worship, nor indeed of anything else. It is you who needs to worship, for in truth you are sick. As we have proved in many parts of the Risale-i Nur, worship is a sort of remedy for your spiritual wounds. You can understand how absurd it would be if an ill person responds to a kindly doctor who insists on his taking medicines that are beneficial for his condition by saying: “What need do you have of it that you are insisting in this way?(see Asa-yı Musa, p. 171)

Answer 2:

So many troubles, misfortunes and diseases are seemingly troublesome but indeed they are gifts, treats, grants and warnings from ar-Rahman.

For a Muslim, a coincidence is not a coincidence; therefore,misfortunes, troubles, and diseases are regarded asgifts, grants and warnings sent to man from the Real Healer due to some wisdoms. 

If Allah, who has endless power, had wished, He would give man a problem-free life in the world as He would give in Paradise. However, the misfortunes like diseases in this world have some aspects that are related to Allah's names.

As a matter of fact, one of the purposes of the creation of the universe is to see and to show Asma (Allah’s names); therefore, the results of the misfortunes related to this purpose are important.

In this context, the name ar-Razzaq (the Sustainer) necessitates hunger; similarly, the name ash-Shafii (the Healer) necessities diseases. That is, Allah shows that He is ash-Shafi by healing them only in the existence of a disease. 

It is necessary to point here that the equivalent of the verb to recover as an Islamic term is to attain shifa (cure). For, shifa reminds ash-Shafi.

Diseases and misfortunes eliminate the conceit in man and remind him that he is a slave; thus, they force him to take refuge in his Lord by expressing his weakness.

It means, the misfortunes that are not related to religion are divine warnings, divine gifts or atonement for sins in the eye of a student of the Quran,. 

Therefore, Muslims are happy even when they are hit by misfortunes because they think of these points; they take pleasure from life and thank their Lord.

Disease makes the capital of life profitable with the thawabs it gains man. Disease is a divine grant and gift for those who think of their hereafter compared to those who fall into heedlessnessowing to the calamity of good health.

Then, O man!

- The old troubled days passed and they left traces of flavor instead, as the pain in the spirit ended. Then, do not feel sorry by thinking about the past troubles but thank Allah because they gained you thawabs.

- Do not suffer thinking that you lost worldly pleasures because of disease. Since the pleasure and flavor of the world do not continue, do not cry because of losing them.

- Disease makes man taste the flavor of the boon of health because only those who recover from a disease can taste this flavor.

- Do not fear that your disease will result in death. For, death is to be discharged from the burdensome duties of life, a rest from worship, a means of rejoining friends and relations, and an invitation to Paradise, which is the real homeland and place of endless bliss.

- Thank Allah that you are one of those mentioned by the following hadith: "The people who are hit by misfortunes the most and who suffer the most are the best ones among people." (see Tirmidhi, Zuhd 57; Ahmad b. Hanbal, I/172, 174)

- The Real Healer has created a cure for every illness in the pharmacy of the earth. It is licit to obtain the medicines people have discovered and produced and to use them as treatment. However, one should know that their effect and the cure are from Allah Almighty.

- Disease is a means of attracting the compassion of people; similarly, it is a means of attracting the mercy of the Merciful Creator.

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