Spiritual cures for diseases

“A good scare is worth more than good advice.”

Illness “is an adviser that never deceives and a guide that warns.”

Illnesses and misfortunes make man feel his weakness and poverty; therefore, they make man ready to heed advice.

Sometimes, health itself is an illness. We have caught the disease of health.

The disease of health sometimes makes man fall into heedlessness, causes him to abandon prayer, to forget Allah and to indulge in the world. Disease raises man’s awareness and reminds him of death, the hereafter and the fact that he is mortal. It lowers the conceit of the soul. It reminds man of the following fact: “I have only created Jinn and men, that they may serve Me.” (adh- Dhariyat, 51/56)

Diseases can be fully treated only through both material and spiritual cures.

Material cures turn out to be insufficient in many diseases. Hippocrates, the father of medicine stated thousands of years ago by saying, “First, advice; then, medication; finally, knife (operation).”

They asked Luqman, the doctor, “What food shall we give to the patient?” He said, “Do not give him bitter words; give any other food you wish.” Therefore, it is important to make the patient rely on you and have a good communication with him.

In this age, when we have made our souls our idols, diseases make man feel his weakness.

He who is healthy asks everything from Allah; he who is not healthy asks only health from Allah.

“There are two blessings which many people lose: Health and free time.” (Bukhari, Riqaq 1; Tirmidhi, Zuhd 1; Ibn Majah, Zuhd 15)

Man should not ask for illnesses and misfortunes; but when they hit man, if he sighs and laments, the misfortune/illness is not eliminated; on the contrary, it increases. If it is really painful, it is necessary to ask patience from Allah. That is, man needs to know who sends the misfortune/illness and beg Him to alleviate it.   

25th Lem’a (Flash), also called the Booklet of Patients, is a kind of drug, medication, prescription, ointment, antidote, treatment, consolation, cure and remedy for victims of misfortunes, people with problems and pains, those who are worried and anxious, those who are ill and those who have spiritual diseases.

A nice word can sometimes be as effective as a material drug.

Words are like elixir. It can cause the secretion of useful chemicals in the body based on intention.

For instance, they say, “Smile is the drug that mixes with blood best.” Those medications are like psychological counselors for ill people.

Some examples of prescription from those remedies:

“To search for the cure of belief, which is the certain healing remedy for the innumerable illnesses afflicting that infinitely wounded and sick, extensive immaterial being of yours; you have to correct your beliefs.”

“My sick brothers! If you want a most beneficial and truly pleasurable sacred cure, strengthen and develop your belief! That is, make use of belief, that sacred cure, and of the medicine which arises from belief through repentance and seeking forgiveness, and the five daily prayers and worship.”

“Unhappy sick person! Do not be anxious, have patience! Your illness is not a malady for you; it is a sort of cure.”

“O ill person who lacks patience! Be patient, indeed, offer thanks! Your illness may transform each of the minutes of your life into the equivalent of an hour’s worship.”

“O sick person who sighs and laments! Do not look at the outward aspect of illness and sigh, consider its meaning and be pleased. If in meaning illness had not been good, the All-Compassionate Creator would not have given it to the servants He loves most.” (Like the Prophet Ayyub (Job)).

“O you who is afflicted with illness! Through experience, I have formed the opinion at this time that for some people sickness is a divine bounty, a gift of the Most Merciful”

“O sick person who thinks of the hereafter! Sickness washes away the dirt of sins like soap, and cleanses.”

“There are some illnesses which if they lead to death, are a sort of martyrdom; they result in a similar degree of sainthood.” (Epidemies are among them.)

“Following the recommendations of skillful, God-fearing doctors is an effective medicine. For most illnesses arise from abuses, lack of abstinence, wastefulness, mistakes, dissipation, and lack of care.”

“The All-Wise and Glorious Healer has stored up in His mighty pharmacy of the earth a cure for every illness. It is licit to obtain medicines and use them as treatment, but one should know that their effect and the cure are from Almighty Allah. He both gives the ailment and provides the cure.”

“Your illness has been sent to your being as a guest to perform many duties such as displaying various of the All-Wise Maker’s names. God willing, it will carry out its duties quickly and depart, and will say to good health: “Come, and stay permanently in my place, and carry out your duties. This house is yours. Remain here in good health.”

“May Almighty Allah restore you to health and make your illnesses atonement for your sins! Amin! Amin! Amin!” (from 25th Lema)

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