Muslims working abroad deposit their money in the banks there. When they withdraw this money, they are given some amount of interest. Some do not receive this money considering it illicit whereas some receive the money saying that to receive interest from

Muslims working in non-Muslim countries must first prefer to send this money to their countries. For what is proper for one is to think of his/her country first.

However, they need to receive the money, which is given as interest by the bank; they should not leave the money there. In a hadith passes in the books of the Islamic Canonical Law, the Prophet (PBUH) clearly states that Muslims in non-Muslim countries may receive interest. Muslims need to receive both the capital and the interest given as a result of this money. Their gaining strength with the money they receive from Muslims means Muslims weakening. Islamic conscious must not allow something like this to happen.
Here is a known truth that a Muslim cannot receive interest from another Muslim even in a non-Muslim country.

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