What should we do in order to perform an accepted (mabrur) hajj?

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What should we do in order to perform an accepted (mabrur) hajj?
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A person cannot know whether his hajj is mabrur or not. When the necessary conditions are met and when one fulfills his duties regarding hajj, it is expected that Allah will accept the hajj.

The following is reported from Abu Hurayra (d. 58/677): "When the Messenger of Allah was asked what deed was more virtuous, he said, ‘belief in Allah and His Messenger’; when he was asked about the next virtuous deed, he said, ‘Jihad (holy war) in the way of Allah;’ when he was asked about the next virtuous deed, he said, ‘hajj mabrur’ " (Bukhari, Jihad l; Hajj, 4, 34, 102; Umra, 1; Muslim, Iman,135,140; Tirmidhi, Mawaqit, 13, Hajj, 6,14, 88; Darimi, manasik, 8, Salah, 24, 135).

As it is known, an accepted hajj is enough to eradicate all of the sins of a person except the rights of other people that he violated. It is as if a person is born again after hajj in terms of sins. However, it is necessary to act in accordance with the following five conditions:

1. To go to hajj with a very sincere intention, that is, only for the sake of Allah. To ignore everything except Him as if one is going there to visit Allah.

2. To go to hajj with clean, halal money,

3. To pay the rights of other people or to ask for their forgiveness; to perform the worshipping like missed daily prayers and fasting or to decide definitely to fulfill all of the missed worshipping,

4. To avoid nonsensical and ugly words, intentions and acts (rafath and fusuq) during hajj,

5. To complete hajj by paying attention to all of the external and internal conditions of hajj; only Allah knows the amount of thawabs that such a hajj will earn a person after eliminating all of the sins.

The thawabs of the hajj will decrease based on the deficiencies in those conditions. The hajj of some people will not earn them anything; it will only make them fulfill a fard. For some people, the hajj will make them earn sins. Therefore, it is advised that the rich people who have earned some haram money or whose wealth are doubtful should borrow some money and use that money to go to hajj and then pay their debts when they return out of their own property.  

Besides, Imam Ghazali gives the following advice: "A person who goes to hajj using haram or doubtful money should at least try to eat his food out of halal earnings. If he cannot do it during the whole period of hajj, he should do it at least when he is in ihram. If he cannot do it, either, he should do it on the day of Arafa. If he cannot do that, either, he should always have the feeling of fear, sadness and repentance because of going to hajj with such money so that he may receive mercy on Arafat." (Husayn al-Makki, Irshadu s-sari, 3)

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