Why are prophets necessary?

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- What is your opinion about not believing in the institution of prophethood and the necessity of this institution?

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Man is a creature with willpower. He can speak anything he pleases; he is not confined to a few syllables. He can go wherever he wants; he is not confined to a particular place. And man is a sociable being in touch with other people in many respects.

Man is under a great trial with his willpower and freedom of choice. He is a candidate for Paradise or Hell.

He has been placed at the crossroads. On the other hand, man has gathered the characteristics of most of beings, living and non-living, in the world. He could be as hard as rock or as soft as cotton. He may outdo foxes in shrewdness and monsters in cruelty. Then, there needs to be a guide for this creature, who can go anywhere, do anything, who can act rightly or wrongly and who can say opposite things.

This guide cannot be “mind” because mind does not have enough power to answer the questions such as who created this realm of beings, what the Creator wants from men, what kind of things He approves of and what place we are going after death. This weakness of men in metaphysics necessitates another guide to show him the way. And that guide is a prophet.

A prophet is a model of man with whom Allah Almighty is pleased. He is an exemplary personality to follow in order to reach the truth and guidance. A prophet has the quality of sinlessness. That is, he does not say anything or do any deed that Allah Almighty disapproves of. At this point, he is under the divine control and insurance. His words, deeds, and manners are the signs of guidance for people. With the attribute of ”Rasul (Messenger)”, he orders only the truth, what is true and good to people, and with the quality of “slave”, he himself practices them in the best way.

On the other hand, testing is done based on the criterion of justice. A teacher wants to apply the criterion of justice in tests through practice. Similarly, Allah needs to train His students for the tests. A teacher and books/notes for the subject are necessary for training. The teachers of the humanity in the school of life are prophets and the notes for the subjects are heavenly books.

“…Nor would We visit with Our Wrath until We had sent an apostle (to give warning).” (al-Isra, 17/15)

The verse above attracts attention to that fact.

- Besides, there are a lot of purposes why this huge universe was created. It is necessary to be insane to think that the universe equipped with wisdom all over is purposeless, absurd and unnecessary. The primary purpose of the creation of the universe is the fact that Allah wants to be known and wants His slaves to learn it.

“I have only created Jinn and men, that they may serve Me.” (adh-Dhariyat, 51/56)

The verse above indicates this fact. Slaves of Allah cannot know Him and cannot learn how to know and worship Him without a teacher and a book.

- What reflects Allah’s names and attributes, teaches them, reflects His infinite knowledge and power is the book of the universe, which is an embodied Quran. In order to learn the deep meanings, fine embroidery and the messages of the book of the universe that introduce the sublime creator, a teacher that teaches them is necessary. Otherwise, no matter how wonderful a book is, it is no different than a roll of paper if its meaning is not known and if there is no teacher to teach it.

Would it be possible to understand the fine mysteries of the book of the universe if there was not a book like the Quran, a teacher like Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) teaching the book of the universe with its finest beauties, narrating its connections with the Creator and explaining its purpose of creation? As a matter of fact, those who do not heed the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) think based on their materialistic ideas that this universe is a meaningless, aimless and purposeless puppet; they regard man as a poor being that is impossible to know where he comes from, where he will go, why he has come to this world and why he will disappear after a certain time.

A book and its teacher are necessary to correct the misunderstandings mentioned above.

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