Is everything mentioned in the Quran?

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Is everything mentioned in the Quran?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is a point that is necessary to take into consideration. Why was the Quran sent down? The evaluation of those people who cannot determine it correctly cannot free itself from the corrupt atmosphere of this age, which consists of matter, interest and egoism, and it will be wrong.

We can understand it from the following concise expression from the Risale-I Nur Collection:

“The Qur'an's basic duty is to teach about the perfections and acts in the Sphere of Dominicality and the duties and situations in the Sphere of Worship.”

The Sphere of Dominicality: The personality, works, attributes, deeds and names of God Almighty. Allah informed people about Himself as the greatest blessing in the Quran in the perfect sense.  

The interpreters of the Quran interpreted the phrase “li ya’buduna” (that they may worship) as “that they may know” in the following verse: “I have only created jinns and men, that they may serve (worship) Me”. Ma’rifah, that is, to know Allah, to believe in Him truly and to live one’s life with that consciousness...

The Quran has taught the lesson of divine knowledge in the best way. It is not an abstract cause. The Quran is in the presence of everybody with its freshness and clarity as if it has just been sent down. The other divine books that were distorted by the intervention of the human soul are in the presence of everybody, too. One does not need sagacity or foresight to be able to see the endless difference between them. Only a just glance will be enough...

Man does not build even a cottage purposelessly or uselessly; the Lord of these realms did not create this universe purposelessly by any means. Let us listen to the following verse that teaches us this truth miraculously:  

“Men who celebrate the praises of Allah standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): "Our Lord! not for naught hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire.” (Aal-i Imran, 191)

There are so many messages hidden in this verse. First of all, we are ordered to think about and meditate on the realm of the beings, by taking into consideration that Allah created all of the beings. Such meditation will lead us to the idea that this realm of the beings cannot be meaningless and purposeless and to the truth that if this universe does not cause another life to exist, everything will be meaningless.

Our heart and conscience are warned that it will be a big mistake to attribute such a reasonless creation to Allah; on behalf of them, our tongue glorifies Allah stating that He is free from all incomplete attributes.  

Finally, the mind is informed that such purposelessness can only be eliminated by the realization of life in the hereafter; and we are taught that we need to take refuge in Allah so as not to be exposed to torture there.   

Now, let us think thoroughly. How should we know Allah so that we will not end up in fire? Where else can we find the answer to this question but in the Quran? The invalid religions cannot tell anything to us about the issue. We cannot find this knowing in the distorted Bible and Psalms. 

As for the second purpose of the Quran: “training the duties and situations in the Sphere of Worship...” How will man worship his Lord? How will he serve Him and arrange his life as a slave?

There exist principles related to each phase of life in the Quran and in the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh)... Every word, state and deed of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was recorded. It is not possible to say it for any other prophet. The history of prophets and all of the hadith books teach us that truth and prove it.

If we could, we would address the humankind as follows: Since we cannot be left unattended and since endless bliss or limitless torture await us, let us come together and look for a divine book that is not distorted and follow it and a prophet whose every deed we can imitate. If we do this quest without any prejudice, we will find the Quran and attain Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

The fact that the Islamic world is far behind the West in terms of science and technology today is a big barrier for many people to attain the Quran...

Let us have a look at the Quran and the Bible so as not to be mistaken at this point. We should determine thoroughly that the Bible contains decrees that are related to worshipping and ethics only, that it addresses the individual and that it does not contain decrees related to economy and government; we should not overlook that in the Western world where churches are closing down one after another and where almost all of the university students are atheists today, the scientific and technological advances achieved by the West have nothing to do with Christianity. We should also determine justly that this disastrous decline in the Western communities, where egoism prevails, humane characteristics like compassion and mercy have been laid aside, where concepts like good manners, ethics and chastity have almost been forgotten, originates from the fact that the commitment to Christianity has weakened and is about to be broken.

Then, let us remember by drawing a lesson that once the Quran taught the world a lesson of civilization in Andalusia, that the Ottoman State dominated the world as a result of applying all of the decrees of that  divine book without any concessions for six hundred years and that the material development receded and eventually the vast empire fell as religious nonchalance arose.  

“History testifies that whenever the people of Islam have adhered to their religion, they have advanced in relation to the strength of their adherence. And whenever they have become less firm in their religion, they have declined. Whereas with Christianity, it is the opposite. This too arises from an essential difference.” Mektûbat (Letters)

And let us reach a conclusion:

Since the Muslim of today cannot be a good student of the Quran and cannot live in accordance with it, not only does he make himself miserable and wretched but also seems to prevent the world of Christianity from attaining the Quran. As a matter of fact, if the Westerners and the followers of the West in the Islamic countries studied the Quran and saw the great Islamic personalities like Ghazali, Ghaylani and Rumi that Islam educated, they would find the truth and attain salvation. However, in front of them is a large wall made up of bigotry, politics, materialism and interest. The duty to show them the truth lies with the conscious Muslims who practice the ethics and the decrees of the Quran.

This duty is very hard but it is virtues and honorable...

Prof. Dr. Alaaddin Başar

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