What is the duty of prophets?

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The Quran’s basic duty is to teach about the perfections and acts in the ‘sphere of dominicality’ and the duties and circumstances in the ‘sphere of worship.

With the statement above, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi expresses the holy duty of prophets in a concise way.

Allah's essence, attributes, deeds and names are the sphere of Dominicality (Lordship). Duties of slavery like obeying Allah's commands, avoiding His prohibitions and to meditate on the realm of creatures, which is a place of manifestation of divine names and attributes, is the sphere of worship.

Man cannot make a judgment in any issues of those two spheres without following a prophet. If he does, his judgment is bound to remain personal and individual.

Prophets are divine messengers that introduce the first sphere to people and teach them their duties related to the second sphere.

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