Does God exist, what are the reasonable proofs of this? How can you make rational explanation that there is a Creator?

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Does God exist, what are the reasonable proofs of this? How can you make rational explanation that there is a Creator?
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1. If a carriage is drawn by another carriage, who is drawing the first one?  Then, there should be a creator for this universe.

2.  Even a letter cannot exist without a writer; how can we imagine humans and universe to be without an owner?  In addition, any master of anything is not the same kind of the thing that he makes.  For example, the master of a watch does not resemble the watch, and the writer is not like the letter.  Thus, the Creator who creates us and the universe should not resemble us and the universe.

3. Will negating the existence of God relieve us?  On the contrary, this understanding will send us down to a deep abyss.  Why, for what, how, and for whom do we live?  What happens to us after our death?  If there is another life, where can we find the correspondence of the sense of infinity and desire for living forever?  In that case, why have these senses been given to us? 

How do sciences mention God? 

Islam never contradicts science and in any issue; on the contrary, it encourages science.  The religious sources are replete with the examples of this.  There are two books of God Almighty; one of them is the Quran which comes from His Attribute of Speech, the other one is the universe that comes from His Attribute of Power.  

Scientists, whether they believe in God or not, read the book of universe and interpret the Creator’s artifacts; like the laborers who work without recognizing the owner of the plant!  Every branch of science, with a unique tongue of its own always mentions God.  For instance, botanical science describes us the traits of trees.  It shows how the tree does receive the nutrients from the soil, how it carries them to the leaves, and how the fruits can be formed, and how growth takes place.  In this way, we can observe an excellent machine which consists of cells, roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruit.  Besides, it is a living thing. 

Now, let us ponder conscientiously: how can the simple soil which is mindless, unconscious, and devoid of knowledge, will and power create this excellent machine?   While botanists, even in the huge laboratories, cannot make only one leaf of a tree, how can a tree, in other words a wood make these extraordinary flowers and fruits?  Does each tree, with its miraculous creation, not demonstrate the One Who is infinite with His Holy Names and Attributes? 

Likewise, zoology has opened to our reasons the gates of inner realms of an animal.  We have understood that every animal is an extraordinary plant.  A poisonous insect produces honey.  An insect without hands weaves silk; a sheep without a tongue produces milk.  Science has shown that it is not a mindless sheep’s work to produce a delightful food; namely, milk from simple forage and water.  Sheep, bee, silkworm, and all the animals like them are but tools like the brush of a painter, the pen of an author, the hammer of a carpenter.  Undoubtedly, the doer of the deed of creating is our Lord, the master of this universe.

By looking through the window of astronomical science, we have observed the position of the earth in the outer space: a huge plane flying around the Sun with projectile speed.  It is wingless, motorless, and enormous, and although it flies without a pilot, it turns around smoothly and without noise.  Yet, on this planet, the passengers travel peacefully and without being disturbed.  Most of the time, they are not aware that they are flying.  On the other hand, the earth rotates on its axis.  Nights and days, and the seasons are the products of this rotation and revolution.  It is dangerous if we approach into the sun or we move away from it.  It is not only the earth that turns around the sun; the other planets also do the same revolution.  It is a simple matter for the earth to collide with one of them.  However, we do not observe any fault, and everything is fine.  This system has never gone out of order for millions of years. 

Is it necessary for any astronomy student to ponder on this and seek the answers to the following questions?

Who has established this delicate balance?  Who made the earth a livable place?  While some planes can collide with each other even though they have pilots, which knowledge and power can make these enormous objects rotate and fly without colliding?

Above all, there is a creature among beings, it is a miracle per se; we call him man.  He thinks, imagines, searches, understands, loves, sympathizes and hates.... He has been equipped with thousands of abilities.  More importantly, he is conscious of his own being.  The universe gets illuminated by his cognizance.  Apart from his soul, heart, intellect and imagination, this magnificent living’s material structure is also a masterpiece of art.  Let us make the long story short; he has been bestowed the best kind of everything;  the best eye, the most convenient hands, the most elegant hair, the most balanced figure, the most moderate height...

It has been understood by the medical science that the inner parts of the human body are very extraordinary as well as the outer parts of it.  A genuine masterpiece with its heart pumping tons of blood, with its stomach digesting the food easily, with its lungs that are machines of blood cleaning, with its vessels that are measured by kilometers, and so forth... While a statue shows its sculptor, is it possible for the human body whose beauty has been understood by medical science not to demonstrate its master?   

Thus, even though the scientists do not attribute the sources of these sciences to a Creator, each branch of science, with its unique tongue, always mention God.  In that case, it is necessary to listen to these branches of science.

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