Question 7: Is it scientific to mention the Quran and religion?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

-Yes, it is scientific. Besides, science and religion complement each other in Islam because the subject of all sciences are the beings in the universe. The writer of the book of the universe is God Almighty. The whole universe is a work of His attribute of power.

The Quran is the work of Allah’s attribute of speech. Therefore, Islam is the leader and father of all sciences. The exclusion of a creator from the world of science is the product of positivist philosophy. The whole world of science has been under the influence of this materialistic philosophy for 200 years. This thought excludes a creator and attributes the formation of the universe and the beings in it to chance and forces of nature.

What is strange is that this atheistic philosophy is presented to the youth as if it is scientific knowledge.

In fact, exact sciences and religious sciences had not been separate in the Islamic world until the eleventh century; all sciences were studied in madrasahs.

The religion of Islam does not conflict with real science 

The idea of “religion is separate from science”is the product of materialistic philosophy. The fight between science and religion, reason and revelation is not the fight of Islamic civilization because the subject of the sciences is the book of the universe, which is the work Allah’s attribute of power. The Quran comes from Allah’s attribute of speech. There can be no contradiction and conflict between them. On the contrary, the Quran is a kind of interpretation of the book of the universe. As it is understood from many verses and texts of hadiths, Islam gives great importance to science and scientists/scholars.

Recognizing and knowing Allah is possible only by examining His works in the universe. No matter how knowledgeable a person is in physics, he understands Allah better when he thinks that they are the work of Allah. That is called the science of knowing Allah, that is, Marifatullah.

Nobel Laureate Pakistani physicist, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdus Salam describes sciences as “the art of examining the works of Allah in the universe”.

Sciences examine the beings in the universe. Therefore, the subjects that sciences deal with show the existence and unity of their creator in their own language.

In today’s scientific community, in the presentation of the sciences obtained from the universe in general, the Creator is kept hidden and causes are presented as doers directly.

I would like to end the issue by narrating a memory of mine.

I gave a lecture called “Understanding Creation and the Creator Through the Language of Sciences”at a science high school in a city in Western Anatolia in May last year. A young person asked permission to speak in the Question-Answer part at the end of the lecture and said,“We have benefited a lot from what you have said about creation and the creator but it is notscientific to mention creation and the creator”.

Thereupon, I called him and he came next to me. I held his hand, showed him the garment on him and said,

-Is it scientific to talk about the texture and nature of this garment?

- Yes, it is scientific.

- Is it scientific to talk about the master of this garment and the art of its master?

- Yes, it is scientific.

- You probably bought this garment from somewhere. Is that so?


- Where did you buy this hand from?

-Allah gave it.

-Fine. Is it scientific to talk about the structure, blood vessels, flesh and bone of this hand?

- Yes, it is scientific.

- Well, is it scientific to talk about Allah, the master of this hand and arm?

- Yes, it is scientific. Thereupon, a bigapplause came from the students and teachers in the hall. I continued as follows:

-Man is created from a single cell in the mother’s womb. The single cell, is divided into two, then four, one after the other, and becomes a shapeless heap of cells. A head will come out of it. I held his head, turned to the audience and said,

-How many eyes are necessary for this head?


-No. If you do not attribute this creation to Allah, you will have to accept chance and spontaneous formation. Since it is spontaneous and coincidental, is it not possible for it to be any number between one and infinite? For example, 3, 5 or more? 

-It is possible.

-Let us suppose that it is two. Where shall we put the right eye?

-In its current place.

-No. Is it not possible for it to be in the hand, at the back or in the foot?

- It is possible. Then, we talked about the left eye, imagined placing it in various places in the body and put it in its current place. I showed the right eye and said,

-Can it be like the eye of needle, a cow or a fly?

-Yes, it can. After telling them that the places and shapes of all organs can be infinite, I said,

-Have you ever seen a man with his mouth at the back?


- Have you ever seen a sheep like that?


- Have you ever seen a cow like that?


- Have you ever seen a fly like that?


-Even if you do not say,“Allah”, all beings say, “Allahu akbar”with their own tongues. We left the hall with a big applause.

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