Question 14: Is there any scientific evidence for the creation of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa? Or, is it based on only the Quran?

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Answer: It is necessary to define science first and hence to show what should be understood from being scientific.

Definition of Science

Science is defined as a type of knowledge that has its own characteristics among various types of knowledge. The purpose of science is to understand the universe in the broadest sense. Science uses ways of defining and explaining phenomena to achieve this goal. While the occurrence of the phenomenon is determined in the definition, the reason for the occurrence of the phenomenon is shown in the explanation. Daily knowledge, scientific knowledge, artistic knowledge and religious knowledge can be counted among types of knowledge. The most distinctive characteristic that distinguishes between types of knowledge is obtaining knowledge with different methods. Any knowledge can be obtained through experiment, observation, intellect, experience, and using one or more of the methods such as intuition and logic; thus, the difference between types of knowledge arises accordingly.1

As a matter of fact, in formal sciences such as mathematics and logic, a method that is away from observation and experiment but based on reasoning is used; however, experiment and observation are more important in sciences such as physics, astronomy and biology. On the other hand, history and social sciences have methods peculiar to them.

As it can be understood from these explanations, all kinds of knowledge is scientific. However, the methods of obtaining knowledge are different. One of these types of knowledge is scientific knowledge and it is based only on observation and experiment.

Supporters of positivist philosophy and atheist evolutionists try to reduce all sciences to scientific knowledge and they do not accept other knowledge as scientific knowledge. If we do not rely on the knowledge other than scientific knowledge, what shall we do with educational institutions that do not enter the laboratory in the social, philosophical and religious fields? Shall we not regard what is taught and studied in various departments of the Faculties of Literature, Faculties of Theology, Faculties of Business, Law and Political Sciences, and even mathematics as science? Intellect and logic are used in science; comparisons are made between objects, and ideas are discussed. They cannot be considered unscientific because they do not enter laboratory. If a subject is mentioned in the Quran, or if it is in a hadith book, it is also a kind of knowledge.

It should be noted that sciences are interconnected, but it should not be overlooked that all sciences cannot be reduced to one branch of science, for example, physics.2

Let us return the question above after these explanations: It is understood that the creation of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa is a scientific incident. However, it is not scientific knowledge. That is, you combine carbon and oxygen in the laboratory and carbon dioxide emerges. This is scientific knowledge. However, it is not possible to observe the creation of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa again by putting them in the laboratory.

You cannot observe the existence of your grandfather’s grandfather through experiment. That is, you cannot bring him back to the world. If you cannot find his bones, etc. and evidences, his existence is not scientific knowledge either. If you do not accept the issues that do not enter laboratory as scientific, you should also deny their existence. If you cannot verify all your family members before your grandfather through experiments and laboratory work, you may refuse your grandfather since you cannot prove through experiment that he lived.

It is an ideological behavior, not a scientific approach, to claim that the creation incidents did not take place just because their creation cannot be observed again.

If you have a father, you will have a grandfather too. If you have a grandfather, your great-great…grandfather will be Hz. Adam. If you have a mother, your great-great…grandmother must definitely be Hz. Hawwa. Can there be any better scientific evidence for the existence of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa? What other scientific evidence do you want? If we take Hz. Hawwa and Hz. Adam out of their graves and make them stand before you, I am sure that you will not believe it again. However, you regard the opinion and word of an irreligious philosopher regarding the issue as valid and scientific knowledge. You think there is no hesitation and doubt about it. Is that right?

If you assume that Hz. Hawwa did not exist because her existence could not be proved scientifically, you absolutely have tofind yourself a new Hawwa. Then, you will accept either the horse or the dog, or the cow or the fly, or the vole as Hawwa. If you do not accept all of this like some philosophers, you will say that there is no creator in the universe, there is no created being; and I do not exist either. In that case, such an issue is not discussed with someone who does not exist.

1.Ural, Ş. BilimTarihi. Kırk Ambar Yayınları. Istanbul, 1998, p. 13.

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