Why were angels created?

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- Allah is great and can do anything anywhere; we have no doubt about His power. Why did He create angels? He could have recorded the books Himself.

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When the word angel is mentioned, we should not think of only one species. There are species in the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom; similarly, there are different species of angels. For instance, the angel appointed for a raindrop is not of the same kind as the angel appointed for the Throne.

Some angels are in charge of recording man’s deeds. This issue is stated in some verses:

“It was We who created man, and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein. Behold two (guardian angels) appointed to learn (his doings) learn (and note them), one sitting on the right and one on the left.” (Qaf, 50/16-17; see also Ra’d, 13/11)

As it is stated in the verses above and similar verses, it is stated that Allah created man first, that Allah knows everything in man and that God Almighty is nearer to man than his jugular vein; then, it is also stated that every deed of man is recorded; this approach of the verse attracts attention to certain meanings, especially to the consciousness of "tawhid" (Oneness of Allah). That is, “Angels are not assistants of Allah Almighty. They are only the witnesses and supervisors of the event of creation. Angels have no intervention in creation like all other beings.”

Secondly, the sentence, “We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.” reminds us of the same meaning. God is nearer to man than his jugular vein. That is, Allah is nearer to man before he is aware of himself and before things happen in his body; He knows everything through His knowledge and is aware of everything. Besides, since God Almighty is nearer to man than his jugular vein, He does not need any means or instruments when He does something in man. As for the angels, they are the applauders and supervisors of the divine deeds.

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Angels were created to worship Allah and to glorify Him like human beings and jinn. At the same time, since angels have consciousness, they read the names of Allah in the book of the universe, meditate and think.

The purpose of the creation of the universe is “worship”. Praise, thanking, gratitude, in short, “hamd” is an essential form of worship. The most well-known meaning of “hamd” is to remember and glorify Allah in a way that befits His glory.

Allah wants to make Himself known and loved with everything He created in the universe. A conscious servitude is definitely necessary in return for Allah’s wanting to introduce Himself and to be loved.

It is not enough for human beings and jinn to see all the magnificent works all over the universe. However, angels can exist all over the universe. They can see and contemplate all the wonderful works and watch the names of Allah. Thus, they worship Allah with the glorifications peculiar to them.

When one looks carefully at the tiny Earth, which is one of the billions of planets in the sky, it can be seen that it hides very high temperatures in its core called magma. It looks amazing with the seven continents and giant oceans on its surface. Its continents are decorated with mountains, valleys, rivers and gardens. Those gardens are decorated with flowers in various colors, shapes and scents that smile to man.

Now let us look at the sky. The stars and planets seem much more ornamented and magnificent than our earth. Although people have been examining those stars, which are lined up like pearls, since Hz. Adam, how many of their magnificent devices and duties have they been able to understand?

Unconscious fish cannot understand the flawless art of pearls and corals at the bottom of the sea; similarly, it is impossible for human beings to attain all those beauties.

The galaxies in space, which are difficult to see with the most perfect telescopes, the colorful nebulae, and the marvelous arts in the stars that are like lamps, necessitate the existence of conscious beings to remember Allah. The conscious beings to see, understand and mediate on all those arts, appreciate them and express their admiration are angels.

Answer: 3

“Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is.” (Yasin, 36/82)

“Allah, the Eternal, Absolute (Everything needs him in all aspects but He is the one that does not need anything)!” (al-Ikhlas, 112/2)

•    Allah, who is the creator of the earth and skies, does not need anything He created; nor does He need His angels. 

Allah has infinite power. He creates every being with His infinite power on His own. He manages his creations as He wishes.

•    The deeds that angels do are not aimed at helping Allah, but worshipping Him.

Most of the angels have the duty of glorifying Allah only. On the other hand, the angels of “deeds”, who are in charge of maintaining the order in the universe, deal with the laws of nature (adatullah) and continue remembering (dhikr) Allah.

The angels of deeds take part in the implementation of the laws of all beings from particles to the largest planets; thus, they serve Allah.

The implementation of those laws by the angels is like their worship. They never have the authority to rule as they wish. Every state and situation that occur are under the control of Allah. Everything is through Allah’s creation and arrangement.

•    Angels are not the helpers of Allah, but His servants, who were created to see His perfect names and arts.

Every beautiful being wants to see their beauty. For example, when an artist makes a unique work of art, he himself wants to see the beauty of it first; he takes pleasure from it.

Thus, Allah Himself firstly watches the angels, which are artistic wonders that are amazing. For, the high talent, beauty and perfection of the angels belong to Allah; they are the gleams reflected from the names of Allah.

Allah’s watching His angels when they work means His watching His own power, mercy, rule and sovereignty in His art. Allah watches the activities of His names in his angels.

This pleasure, which comes from Allah’s managing His angels, meeting their needs and hence giving them grace, is absolutely unique. This pleasure is a “sacred pleasure” that is worthy of Allah’s supreme essence; and human beings are incapable of interpreting and understanding it

•    Allah amazes His angels with His names and attributes by making them implement His magnificent laws.

The universe is a magnificent exhibition of Allah full of His astonishing and extraordinary works of art. Every artist wants spectators to understand and appreciate the fineness and beauty of their art.

Human beings and jinn, on the other hand, are insufficient to see many of the works of art that should be appreciated in that excellent exhibition. Therefore, Allah created angels that could exist anywhere from the center of the earth to the seven layers of the sky so that they would watch and appreciate His names and attributes in the exhibition of the universe.

Although angels do the deeds that they are assigned to do, they admire Allah’s names and attributes while doing them. And they glorify Allah with praise and appreciate His art and activities.

For example, thunder is like a glorification by the angel called Ra’d, declaring the power of Allah. He fulfils both his duty and his glorification.

•    Angels are the veils that show the dignity and majesty of Allah.

“That being, whose deeds amaze people, is completely free from all kinds of flaws.” (Nawawi)

Although Allah does everything himself, He makes causes veils for Him so that His dignity and majesty will not be harmed. For, with his superficial look and narrow mindedness, man can regard some things as simple and absurd though they are not simple at all. Thus, he cannot grasp the greatness of Allah with the thought, “Why does Allah deal with such small things?” – God forbid!

There are some incidents that seem ugly at first though there are many wise reasons behind them. Allah hides himself in those incidents in order to preserve His “dignity”. Thus, He prevents his “majesty” from being criticized and his infinite “mercy” from being criticized and blamed mercilessly.

For, some people cannot see the beauty inside such incidents and try to criticize the dignity and majesty of Allah by not being able to associate the ugliness – God forbid – on the apparent side of those incidents with Allah. Therefore, Allah use the angels and causes as veils so that His dignity and majesty will not be criticized and blamed; thus, He saves people from that heavy responsibility.

It should also be known that angels are the clean and pure veils of Allah. Allah created causes that would be veils for His angels so that they would not be subjected to unjust complaints.

The following is stated in a narration: “Azrail begged Allah and said, “Your servants will be angry with me related to the duty of taking their souls; they will complain to You about me.

Allah said to him, “I will make illnesses and misfortunes a veil for your duty so that My servants will complain about them, not you.”

When death comes, diseases and misfortunes become veils between people and Azrail; Azrail will never come to mind. Similarly, Azrail himself is a curtain so that the unjust rebellion and complaints of people who cannot see the wisdom, beauty and benefits of death will not target the “dignity” and “majesty” of Allah, who is free from flaws and defects.

“Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and apostles, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith.” (al-Baqara, 2/98)

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