Will you give information about Allah’s command “Be”?

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5.3.3- The Command “Be”

The conversion of the heavens and the earth from non-existence to existence with the creation of Allah is a hard and deep issue for man to understand. The Quran states in eight verses that things were given existence withAllah’s command“Be!“ For example,

The so-called “laws of nature” are nothing but manifestations of Allah’s power. He acts with those laws in the universe.

 the following is stated in a verse:

Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is!1

The command “Be” is the orientation of the divine command toward the creature.2 That statement expresses the type of the relationship between the Creature and the created beings. It tells us how those visible beings came into being from the Creator. However, it cannot be understood by the human mind how this penetrating will is related with things.3

The phrase “…and it is” in the verse refers to the beginning of the process of existence; it does not tell that everything happens at once with all the details. For, Allah wanted to create things in an artistic way. For example, each of the stages of man in the mother’s womb has so many amazing states. Otherwise, if man had been created at the age of forty, life stages such as infancy, childhood and youth, which lasted for forty years and each of which had so many beauties, and the details in every moment of them would not have been seen. The fact that the verb in the verse is in present tense shows this important fact. That is, this occurrence takes a certain period that is determined. Other beings are generally created in such gradual manner too.

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