Is Allah’s command "Be" permanent?

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Dear Brother / Sister, The Continuity of the Command “Be”

The strong and creative will of God Almighty is always active. The command “Be“ did not end in the first creation. The Quran tells us about it by saying, “every day in (new) Splendor doth He (shine)”.1As Hamdi Yazır puts it, “The letters and lines of the book of the universe are deleted on the one hand and written on the other hand.”2

The deist philosophers that emerged in Europe are the ones who reach the belief of Allah with their minds even if they do not accept religion. According to their acceptance, Allah placed mechanical principles in the universe. Even if He wants, He cannot oppose the rational system Even His will depends on those rational principles. There is no place for miracle in this world. Allah governs the universe with rational laws, not with miracles. He himself imposed those laws but after He created the universe, He no longer interfered with the course of the universe, leaving it to function on its own.3

The philosophers who think so are deprived of the important truth revealed by the above verse of the Quran. In fact, the world is renewed every moment, it is virtually re-created every moment. It will not be very difficult for us to understand this fact when we look at the realm and ourselves through the eye of sciences. For example, there are about 40 trillion cells in human body. Each of these cells is like a factory and a laboratory. Three thousand different reactions per second occur in each cell. The fact that even the most intelligent people cannot intervene in a single cell shows that a being with infinite knowledge, encompassing will and infinite power does something all the time in man and in the world. , 29..
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