Philosophy is called as the Science of Wisdom in the Past References. Could this name be used for all the philosophical trends? Are All the Philosophers on the Path of Wisdom?

All-Wise is one of the names of God Almighty and it means the One who possesses wisdom. He ordained and created everything with all their causes, effects and multiple reasons.

Wisdom is knowledge and acting on that knowledge. The one who cannot combine them both is not called wise. (Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır)

Wisdom also has the meaning of prophethood. Prophethood is a Divine institution. Those messengers of Allah read the book of the Universe and taught it, and they demanded some duties from men, on behalf of Allah. They taught the human beings completely that everything was created in the bounds of wisdom and that everything has at least one, maybe thousands of functions. Then, they established in the hearts well the necessity of that men, to whom those entire beings serve, must have an important duty, otherwise, all of those creatures which are created wisely would serve to purposelessness, aimlessness and nothingness. Therefore, the true wisdom is in Prophethood, not in Philosophy.

Knowledge and acting on it is taught together in the prophethood school. And in this school, the wisdom of beings is learned from their Creator directly. Estimations, assumptions or personal and subjective feelings are not needed.
Philosophy is named science of wisdom as well, since it discusses the truths and aims of beings. But if a philosopher, after his studies, does not introduce a life style or a moral acquisition which people can apply to their lives and only spends his time talking, then it is not wisdom indeed.

Who is the Creator of this universe and the innumerous creatures in it?

Who makes this universe, from atoms to suns, serve human beings?

Who rotates thousands of orbs in a perfect order and wisdom in the heaven?

Who makes this world with its mountains and orchards, seas and rivers, earth, water and air serve men?

Who is the One, who created man in a superior creation in comparison to the other creatures, who bestowed wonderful attributes to his soul, and thousands of subtle features, which are as precious as the world, like intelligence and imagine?

Where did the man come from to this world, what is his duty here, and then where is he going ?

The mankind, who is approaching swiftly to death at any moment, could only satisfy him by finding answers to these questions; therefore s/he finds peace and reaches joy and salvation.

Philosophical trends which cannot give affirmative answers and are not advantageous for people about those matters can not be included in the definition of science of wisdom.

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