What is philosophy? Is it likely for man to reach the truth by means of philosophy?

The word philosophy means the love and pursuit for wisdom in Greek and is used to indicate the history of thinking of humanity.

Philosophy is mainly divided into three fields:
1. Ontology
2. Epistemology
3. The philosophy of values (Ethics and Aesthetics)

Ontology dwells on some questions such as, Do objects really exist? Is there any reason for existence? What is the reality of objects?

Epistemology handles the questions such as, What is knowledge?, Can one obtain the absolute knowledge about objects?, What is the value of knowledge?

The philosophy of values searches the source and principles of ethics. As for aesthetics, it makes comments on the points related to the art.

Most of the points that philosophy and religion each search are the same. That is, most of the points are common in both of them. However while religion gives them revelation-centered answers, philosophy seeks their answers in a mind-centered way.

The religion of Islam rests on revelation but attaches great importance to mind. However, Islam does not deem it everything. That philosophers, who rest on mind, get at different conclusions shows that mind alone is not enough to work out all mysteries of the universe. Just as one needs a light to see apart from eyes, in order to see the truths, one needs the sun of revelation apart from the eyes of mind.

In the face of a question like mind or revelation, a Muslim chooses the formula of revelation-led mind. He desists from neither mind nor revelation. S/he deems mind important, but especially in the field of metaphysics, s/he never sets out with an abstract mind, instead uses his/her mind in the light of revelation.

Those who set out only with their minds in metaphysical subjects resemble fireflies, which try to light around in the darkness of night. As for those going in the light of revelation, they are like bees flying in the light of daytime.

There have always been philosophers, the students of mind, in history. Even today, many people are attracted to philosophy, for thousands of years from antiquity till today, philosophy has led them to find a light.

Although accepting to the fact that some philosophers having said of words with wisdom and made discoveries of truth, these thinking brains should not remain unattained to the sun of revelation. Or else, their lives will pass away with soulless, dull, cold, fruitless points.

It should be emphasized significantly: First and third meanings of philosophy, which have mentioned above come into consideration at most. As for the second meaning, namely for the natural sciences, the usage of it is so rare. Mind has great importance in this. All of the branches of natural sciences, which try to examine the encapsulated meanings of the Book of Universe that were recorded in it by the Divine knowledge and wisdom, are in reference to philosophys second field. We mainly explained first and third meanings above.

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