What is philosophical sufism and what did Hallaj Mansur contribute to this science?

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What is philosophical sufism and what did Hallaj Mansur contribute to this science?
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Philosophical sufism is a sufistic philosophy. Its purpose is to transfer the sufistic idea, which is spiritual, actual and sentimental and to explain it by means of mental knowledge.

It would be a better evaluation to regard the words of Hallaj Mansur and others similar to him not as “philosophical sufism” but as words uttered due to a spiritual exhilaration and which go beyond their purpose. Since sentiments are dominant rather than mind and love rather than idea in the consideration of sufists like Hallaj Mansur and Ibn Farid, there are reflections of exhilaration in their words.

There is some wrong information – which can never be accepted – on the internet. According to this information, in the late 9th century, developing his point of view that abolishes the division between God and the humanity and which regards humans to be of the same essence as God, Hallaj Mansur explained the main principle of sufism : “ According to sufistic philosophy, the universe is the sole living thing. And this sole living thing is God, himself.” 

These ideas are not the product of sufistic philosophy but pantheistic philosophy, which is a materialistic way of consideration.

It is Ibn Arabi who leads the sufists who try to explain mystic facts by means of mental methods and add a philosophical dimension.

Attempts to apply the works of people like Ibn Arabi, who deny the presence of the universe for the sake of love of God as a system, -on the assumption of Wahdat-ul Wujud ( Unity of Being)- Wahdat-ul Mawjud ( Unity of Presence) -  may bring the danger of being deceived by Pantheism and denying God for the sake of love of the universe. For this reason, Ibn Arabi stated : “ It is forbidden for the ones who are not one of us to read our books”.
(For further information, see Said Nursi, The Rays (Lemalar), 8th Ray)

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