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what did u think about tharika

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Tariqah literally means path but in Islamic etymology, it means the path of achieving the knowledge of Tasawwuf (mystic tradition within Islam). The tariqah paths are the ways of reality. (1) The tariqah paths are the proofs, and the sources of ‘Kawthar’, which distributes a sort of water of life. (2) Many believers for centuries have drunk from this source and have benefited from this supreme treasury.

The tariqah path is a spiritual journeying with the feet of the heart under the shadow of the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). (3)

Although, tariqah path is a way through to find the reality, it is not the only way to do that. All ‘Haqiqa’ (true) paths adhere to their basis to Qur’an. Some people’s questions, who do not want to accept tariqah paths such as, “were there any tariqah paths during the era that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived in?” is because of an insinuation.

All of the principles of tariqah build upon Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) practices. That is to say, there was an application, but its name was not tariqah yet. First appearance of tariqah as a system goes back to 3rd century in Islamic calendar. Junayd-i Baghdadi, Bayazid-i Bistani emerged as the first tariqah leaders. Shah-i Nakshiband, Abdulkhadir Gaylani, Mawlana Jaladdin-i Rum’i, Imam-i Rabbani are the most famous gallants of tariqah paths of later years.

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