What is Tasawwuf (Sufism)?

The main features of Islam are composed of faith, worship, and morality. The branch of speech handles faith, the canon law handles worship, and Sufism handles morality. Sufism is to live Islam profoundly. It is the harvest of a sensing pertaining to spirit and conscience. To pass to the core from the form, to reach the seed from the shell, the words coming true. (1)

Human mind is a diamond-like key that opens the thousands of treasures of the universe. When it reaches its perfection, it is a Divine guidance. It is a window that opens to the sun of truth.

Heart is the centre of human beings spiritual life. It is a spiritual map of myriads of beings. It is the manifestation, means, and seed of innumerable truths of the universe. (2) It is a bright mirror to Allah Almighty. It is a window facing the unseen realms. It is a Divine gift.

Just as there have appeared a number of branches of science through minds performance, in the same way, through the performance of heart, Sufism has appeared.

Some persons who examined the source of Islamist Sufism, seeing that there are similar principles in pre-Islamic Sufist movements, sought it in either India, or Persia, or any other places. Whereas one needs to seek the Islamist Sufism directly in the Quran and in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). (3)

Because the principles such as remembrance, reflection, self preservation are the ones that are also mostly mentioned in the Quran. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was as The Living Quran showed the full performance of Sufist way of life.

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