Does supplication effect?

Many psychologists and many other scholars express that supplication has great effects on supplicant. It has been written many books by both Islamic scholars; and ecclesiastics and scientists of West on the subject. Prof. Dr. Alexis Carrels work, The Prayer definitely worth a read, especially with its touches on different aspects of supplication and the effects of it. Every nation and religion has its supplications, because everyone more or less believes in a creators power. Even if he/she does not know and incorrectly express His name, that belief still exists. Supplication is the form of prayer which is known and used by both monotheistic religions scholars; Muslims, Christians, and Jews; and also by those of superstitious religions. Especially in superstitious and primitive religions, supplication is ceremony like, serious form of worship.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, about the power of supplication, says, The effect of supplication is great. Especially if the supplication gains universality and persists, it almost always has a result, indeed, its result is continuous. It may even be said that one of the reasons for the creation of the world was supplication. That is to say, after the creation of the uni¬verse, the supplications of chiefly humankind, and of them principally the Islamic world, and mainly the sublime supplications of Muhammad the Arabian (Upon whom be blessings and peace) were a cause of it being created. That is to say, the Creator of the World knew that in the future Muhammad (PBUH) would ask for eternal happiness and for a manifes¬tation of the Divine Names in the name of humankind, indeed, on account of all beings, and He accepted that future supplication and created the uni¬verse.

Since supplication possesses this great importance and capacity, is it at all possible that the supplications offered all the time for one thousand three hundred and fifty years by three hundred million of mankind and by uncountable numbers of blessed beings from among men, jinn, angels, and spirit beings for the Person of Muhammad (PBUH), and for all-encompassing Divine Mercy, eternal happiness, and the accomplishment of their aims would not be accepted? Is it in any way possible that their supplications would be rejected? (1)

1. Risale-i Nur Collection, the Letters, 24. Letter Trans. Sukran Vahide

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