How should we understand the hadith,My intercession is for the big sinners in my community? (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Mishkat)

God, who bestows prophets as guides and leaders upon humankind, by rendering them as pure and sinless, gives a message, Strive hard not to commit sin!

The hadith should be evaluated under the light of the above-cited truth. Educing that Prophet Muhammad will intercede only to the big sinners not to the others is clearly illogical.

When necessary attention is given to the hadith, these two important messages would be taken from the remark of the Prophet:
First, this hadith is a praiseworthy answer to the Mutazila sect which claim that big sinners are in the middle of somewhere between faith and disbelief
Second, after intercession permit is given (on the day of resurrection) prophets first, and then angels, pious men will intercede before God on behalf of believers. This will occur according to the spiritual rank of every other Big sins will able to be forgiven by the intercession of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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