Can you give the hadiths regarding the mercy and pardoning of Allah for the sinful slaves on the Day of Judgment?

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Can you give the hadiths regarding the mercy and pardoning of Allah for the sinful slaves on the Day of Judgment?
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Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) said, "Each prophet had a prayer (dua). I want to reserve it for the intercession for my ummah on the Day of Judgment." (Bukhari, Daawat, I; Tawhid, 31; Muslim, Published by M. Fuad Abdulbaqi, Iman, 86).

Every prophet will intercede for his ummah. (Bukhari, Tafsir Surah 18). When people gather in the Gathering Place for reckoning, prophets will pray as follows: "O Allah! Give salvation! O Allah! Give salvation!" (Bukhari, Riqaq, 52; Muslim, Iman, 81). The intercession of prophets and our Prophet will take place for the believers by the permission of Allah as it is stated in the following verse: "Allah forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other gods with Him: but He forgiveth whom He pleaseth other sins than this…" (an-Nisa, 4/116). As a matter of fact, the Prophet (pbuh) stated that the believers including those who committed majors sins would attain his intercession. (Bukhari, Riqaq, 51; Abu Dawud, as-Sunna, 20; Tirmidhi, II, 66).

The first prophet to intercede and the first prophet whose intercession would be accepted is Hazrat Muhammad  (pbuh). (Muslim, Fadail, 2). This first intercession of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) is the general and great intercession regarding the start of the reckoning of the people in the Gathering Place. The main outlines of this great intercession (shafa’ah al-uzma) mentioned in many hadith books is as follows: Allah will gather all people in a flat and large area for judgment and reckoning. At some point, the trouble and hardship of the people will be unbearable. Meanwhile, some people will say to others, "Do you not see the hardship inflicted on you? Go to someone that will intercede for you in the presence of your Lord." They will go to Adam (pbuh), Noah (pbuh), Ibrahim (pbuh), Moses (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh). Each prophet will send them to another. In the end, Jesus will send them to Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Then, Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) will prostrate under the Arsh (Throne). Allah will inspire him the best praises to be said during the prostration.  When he praises Allah, he receives the answer, "Raise your hand! Intercession is given to you. Your intercession is accepted." Reckoning starts. Then, some believers are removed from Hell through the intercession of Hazrat Prophet. The Messenger of Allah prostrates several more times, and praises and prays Allah. Eventually, a great majority of believers are removed from Hell by the permission and decision of Allah and the intercession of the Prophet. The station of intercession that Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) has is called “Maqam al-Mahmud” (the Station of Praise). (al-Isra', 17/79; Bukhari, Tawhid, 24; Muslim, Iman, 84).

There will also be some believers who will enter Paradise through the permission of Hazrat Prophet without being reckoned or questioned. (Bukhari, Tafsir Surah 18; Muslim, Iman, 84).

The first prophet to intercede for the increase of the ranks in Paradise is Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). Therefore, Hazrat Prophet stated the following in a hadith: "I will be the first human being to intercede in Paradise." (Muslim, Iman, 85).

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