Did there ever come to jihns Messengers from among themselves?

"O assembly of the jinn and humankind! Did there never come to you Messengers from among yourselves, relating to you My signs and Revelations, and warning you of encountering this Day of yours?" They say: "We bear witness against ourselves." The life of the world had deluded them, and (just as their speeches and actions in the world testified to their unbelief, so) they have borne witness against themselves that they were unbelievers. (Al-Anam Surah, 6:130) They will say: "Yes, indeed, a warner came to us but we denied (him) and said (to him): "God has never sent down anything, you are only in a great error." (Al-Mulk Surah, 67:9) Verses indicate that Jihns received Messengers. However, just because the verses are pertaining to the common, it should be comprehended that Messengers are common for both humankind and Jihns. Especially, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent as a messenger of humans and jihns.

Ismail Hakki Bursevi, on the matter of had jihns ever received a messenger or not says:

Doubtless, both jihns and humans are responsible to the God. However, when it comes to the matter as if jihns had ever received a Messenger from among their kind, there is a possibility but it could have been from humankind too. Its being from among different kind should not be a restriction for them to satisfy their needs. In this case, elites among jihns could be messengers of prophets and convey their messages to their own kind (nation), and it is religiously permissible. On the other hand, there is an accord of viewpoints in the idea that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of both humans and jihns. Messengers before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were only sent for a particular community. Prophet Suleiman was not sent with the title of Prophet of all. He was entrusted with a duty of sovereign, governor, and administrator. According to the expression among you in the verse, it indicates the first explanation above, namely messengers can be both and humans and jihns. Or it indicates the second explanation, namely Prophets can only be from humankind. However, by calling as, O assembly of jihn and humankind, Did there never come to you Messengers from among yourselves the usage of among yourselves confirms that prophets can be from both kinds.

Emalili Hamdi Yazir, relating to the matter says:
Humans and jihns being one society explains us that the prophets of humankind are prophets of the jihns. Human and jihn evils being enemy to the prophets is also related with this. Especially, there is no doubt that the last prophet, Messenger of God; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the prophet of both humans and jihns. In fact, Busayri explained it with a delectable stave:

Muhammedün Seyyidül-Kevneyni;
Vel-Ferikayni min Arabin ve min Acemi

Muhammad is the master of two worlds;
Humans and jihns, Arab and non-Arab. (2)

(1) Bursevi, Ruhul-Beyan, III, 96.

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