Can a similarity be established between the developments in science and technology, and the command "Be?"

The Answer

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From the Quranic perspective, it is quite clear that “existence is a creation and that a creator realized it”. The Quran expresses this with the command “kun fa yakun” (“Be and it is“). The manifestations of infinite knowledge and power seen in the smallest organism, even in an atom, are witnesses of the secret hand that works behind matter. Nowadays, science, which is advancing with giant steps, is gradually solving the secrets of matter and the universe and taking us closer to Allah. As human beings progress in science and technology, they can make a small analog of the command “Be”; they operate giant factories easily with full automation system and direct satellites in the sky easily from the place where they sit. Probably, one step forward will be “to use things with will”and then people will be able to understand the command “Be” much better. We glorify the Being who made the command kun (be) a source for things and hid His treasures in the letters kaf (k) and nun (n).

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