What part of the brain is related to logical reasoning?

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  7.5.1. Brain Regions in Logical Reasoning

     The anterior region of the brain is related to paying attention, maintenance, directing attention, short, medium and continuous memory, patience, planning, designing, judging, reaction control, regularity, self-control, solving problems, thinking in detail, predicting about the future, drawing lessons from mistakes, understanding emotions and expression. Empathy, common sense, morale are characteristics of the anterior region of the brain.

     There is a case called Elliot in the literature. This case, which is dealt with in neuroscience, is related to a successful lawyer in the United States. He was very successful; he had a house, car, yacht, etc. He suddenly underwent a personality change around the age of 40. He missed some trials, did not go to work, etc.

In fact, our brain does not work silently; it works unconsciously. We call what we call the unconscious/subconscious implicit memory. If we liken it a computer, the system files work in the computer though we do not notice them; similarly, the brain works though we do not notice it. These characteristics make man different from other living beings.

He lay lazily; after a while, he went to see the doctor for a problem. A tumor as big as a mandarin was observed in the anterior region of the brain in the MRI. After this tumor was removed, he recovered his personality slightly. It was found out that the damage to the front region of the brain caused the personality change.

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