How does the brain act when a person takes narcotic drugs?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister, Behavior of the Brain of a Drug Addict

Let us have look at the brain of a person who takes drugs. After taking ecstasy, the serotonin tanks in the anterior region of the brain are emptied. The over-stimulated serotonin-producing cells are emptied. Ecstasy is such a substance that after receiving it, the brain feels orgasm 2-3 times more than normal orgasm and it lasts for hours. Then, the brain returns to normal in two weeks. For three weeks, the person becomes too weak to raise his arms and legs; he becomes sluggish, cheerless and depressed. It removes all of the serotonins in the brain at once. Those who take ecstasy once take it again and again to reach the first pleasure but they never get it. Then, they become addicted.

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